How To Discover A Gold Chicken Egg In Resident Evil 4

How To Discover A Gold Chicken Egg In Resident Evil 4:

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, chicken eggs are just one of the numerous things you can find. When you eat one of these items, you get a tiny portion of health back.

They help you stay alive in battle a lot, especially when you’re getting short on herbs. You can find three different kinds of chicken eggs in the game. The gold chicken egg is the rarest of the three.

How To Do It:

Egg Hunt is a Merchant Requirement in the Resident Evil 4 remake. To finish it, you have to discover a gold chicken egg as well as sell it to the merchant.

With only two in the whole initiative, gold chicken eggs are a very rare treasure that can be hard to find because the blue note for this request doesn’t say where to look.

Gold Chicken Eggs Are A Good Thing For Gamers To Have:

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, gold chicken eggs are rare as well as worth a lot of money. You can eat them to heal yourself quickly, or you can sell them to the merchant for 9,000 pesetas.

Where To Discover A Golden Chicken Egg:

Chapter 4 gives you a great opportunity to discover a gold chicken egg when you look around the lake. This will happen soon after you beat the Lake Monster and found the Mural Cave, where the Church Key is.

You’ll get a motor boat you can use to speed across the lake, as well as a specific place you need to go to find this gold chicken egg.

You can figure out how to get to this area, which is between the Small Cave Shrine as well as the Boathouse, by looking at where the Red9 is. It is in the middle of the lake.

It will be a small area on the edge of a lake with a single treasure icon nearby. You should be able to get here with your boat, and you should do so before you finish the Mural Cave and start heading towards the Church.

When you get to this small area, there are a bunch of chickens running around. When you look around this area, you’ll find a few white and brown eggs on the ground. In the back, though, you’ll find a gold egg.

Get it and bring it back to the merchant to finish the egg hunt. This small area is the fastest place to look for a gold chicken egg as well as finish this task.

Second Golden Egg Location:

In the remake of Resident Evil 4, the second and last gold chicken egg is in the throne room of the castle. In Chapter 12 The Clocktower, after leaving the mines, go through the eastern exit of the Ballroom and cross the drawbridge to get to the Antechamber.

There are enemies in the Antechamber, so kill them before going into the Throne Room. Once you’re in the throne room, go up to the altar. There’s a locked treasure on the right. You can get the gold chicken egg by using the Cubic Device to unlock the treasure.


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