How To Defeat The Hogsmeade Troll In Hogwarts Legacy

How To Defeat The Hogsmeade Troll In Hogwarts Legacy:

In Hogwarts Legacy, you wander to Hogsmeade to conduct some shopping and maybe stop for a butterbeer on your first outing away from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As you’re contemplating what a cute, cozy little town Hogsmeade is, the earth trembles, the windows break, and a massive armored troll bursts into the village square & begins destroying everything. And now, in the game’s first genuine boss encounter, it’s up to you to put an end to the troll’s destructive actions.

How To Beat The Boss Armored Troll:

The greatest method of assault against this troll, like with many boss fights, is defense, therefore it’s critical to parry &, even more crucially, to evade. Although the combat really begins with a brief instruction on avoiding, it seems more like a quick time event, and you may not understand its purpose. The key takeaway is that the dodge button, Circle/B, is something you’ll need a lot of in this fight.

To evade the troll’s assault, move to the side whenever you notice a red attack indication. Then continually assault it while it is defenseless. Sometimes a yellow attack indication may also appear; in this scenario, touch Triangle/Y to parry. The troll will be exposed to counterattacks as a result of these strikes.

Start hitting that button to unleash ancient kinetic magic, which picks up and throws items at the troll and does a lot more damage than your standard attacks, as soon as you start seeing R1/RB on the boxes and barrels around the border of the area.

Dodging is actually the key to defeating this troll, but if you’re having trouble mastering it, you could suffer some damage. Fortunately, you should have several Wiggenweld Potions available, and you may use the D-pad to touch down on one to drink to heal yourself.

Use Your Range To Your Advantage:

The ideal strategy is to play from a distance and use your range since the Armored Troll only comes equipped with a club. Its running assaults should be avoided since this is the only way an armored troll can bridge the distance.

Attack Patterns Of Armored Troll:

First Phase

Attack Name Description
Running Attack Armored Troll charges in a direction, damaging anything in its path.

Second Phase

Attack Name Description
Club Slam Attack Armored Troll takes a step forward, slams its club in front of it then repeats the attack behind it.
Swing Attack Armored Troll swings its club 3 times and ends the pattern with a slam attack.

Third Phase

Attack Name Description
Running Club Attack Armored Troll runs a few steps then slams its club in front of it.


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