How To Complete Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Child Of Darkness Challenge

How To Complete Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Child Of Darkness Challenge:

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has a slew of one-of-a-kind hero-specific challenges that may earn unusual powers and cosmetics. Each one also has a certain aim that must be fulfilled in a certain number of moves before the aforementioned prizes can be obtained.

The Child of Darkness is one of the first trials that players will encounter, and it is aimed at the game’s protagonist, the Hunter. If you are experiencing difficulty completing it, we are here to assist you.

As you go through Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Tony will ultimately let you to build an armory for the heroes within the Forge, allowing you to complete different tasks to unlock each hero’s Midnight Sun Legendary Battle Suit.

The Midnight Sun Legendary Battle Suits were created particularly for the game, and they are the black and gold suits shown throughout the promotion. Although the suits themselves don’t accomplish anything other than look nice, completing the Armour’s tasks will reward you with strong battle cards and other skills.

The “Child of Darkness” challenge is the first one accessible after obtaining the armory after the Fallen Venom combat in the bell tower. Although Midnight Suns refers to it as a “challenge battle,” it’s more of a riddle that demands you to think outside the box, but there’s a simple answer.

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you play as Hunter, a member of a squad of MCU superheroes as well as other supernatural warriors. The goal of the game is to work together to defeat Lilith, the mother of Demons.

The Child of Darkness challenge is one of many fights you must win in order to preserve the universe. If you’re having trouble winning this war, you’ve come to the correct spot. In Midnight Suns, here’s how you defeat the Child of Darkness.

How To Defeat The Dark Child:

Although completing the Child of Darkness challenge is an accomplishment in and of itself, acquiring it requires a few more actions. To begin, players must overcome the Fallen Venom boss fight to get access to the challenge. The Armory upgrade must then be constructed in the Forge, which requires players to have reached Research level 4.

As soon as you enter the cosmic arena, you’ll see that you only have four Charge cards in your hand. As a result, it’s essential to utilize them judiciously. Your initial strike should be directed towards Enemy A on your left.

Just knock Enemy A backwards with one of your Charge cards. This will not kill him, but that is not your aim right now if you are attempting to complete the Midnight Suns Child of Darkness task.

To complete the Child of Darkness challenge, you must shatter the crystal at the far end of the map by tossing one of the monsters into it. Nevertheless, you will only be able to use 5 Charge cards and 1 Whip card to do so. You lose the challenge if you run out of moves at any moment.

To begin, you must use one of your Charge cards on the adversary to your left without killing it. While the Charge move deals no harm, all you have to do after picking it is point it in the appropriate direction. This should keep it from colliding with any walls or barriers, allowing it to live.

Afterwards, use another of your Charge cards against an adversary who is holding a comparable card. This time, you’ll have to kill it, so aim anywhere you want as long as it kills the opponent. After you kill it, another Charge move will be added to your hand.

After that, use another Charge ability on the same creature you moved before, but this time move it to the route on the left. Remember, your aim here will be to move it rather than kill it, since this is the opponent you’ll be utilizing to crack the crystal.

When you’ve pushed it to the route on the left, you may use another one of your Charge cards on the adversary with the Whip ability. Feel free to take down this foe since you’ll need Whip to complete the assignment.

How To Break Crystal:

When you’ve slain it, you should only have 1 Charge and 1 Whip move remaining in your hand. Use the remaining Charge card on the monster you moved earlier to ram him all the way to the end, directly in front of the crystal. When you’ve correctly positioned it, use the Whip card to smash it into the crystal.

As the crystal breaks, another one spawns on the other end of the battlefield, but this time you’ll be awarded the Hunter’s Legendary move Blade-storm. To complete the challenge, just use this man-oeuvre on the new crystal.


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