How To Beat Tears Of The Kingdom’s Flux Construct 1

How To Beat Tears Of The Kingdom’s Flux Construct 1:

Even though it’s just a place to learn how to play, the Great Sky Island within “The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom” was full of new things to find and adventures to go on right away.

Even though you could just rush through the first part of the game to finish all four shrines as fast as possible and get to Hyrule,

It’s hard not get too lost within everything this starting island provides, including the Zonai Devices, polishing Zonaite, saving Koroks, and even the game’s first mini-boss fight right out in the open.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom was a game about exploring and being creative, but you’ll also have to fight a few bosses along the way.

Flux Construct I, a big Zonai machine that guards the Great Sky Island, is one of the first bosses you can fight. The Flux Construct 1 was a big Guardian enemy that you can fight while you’re on the Great Sky Island.

You don’t have to fight this boss in order to get out of this area. Within The Legend of Zelda Tears from the Kingdom, here’s what you need to know regarding how to beat Flux Construct I.

Flux Construct 1 Location:

There are a lot of ways to get to where the boss is, but making a bridge out of logs is probably the easiest way that almost all players can use. On the map above, red dots mark the spot where the flow is.

The tiny red line, on the other hand, shows you where to put the bridge on the level to the south of where the Flux is. You should be able to find a lot of trees to chop down within that area.

Using Ultra-hand, you have to connect at least 6 logs to make a bridge that spans the gap between the two moving platforms. We connected 7 logs in order to make it safer, though. Put lower the log bridge like the one in the picture above to get to the top.

How To Fight Against Flux 1:

In Tears of the Kingdom, the Flux Construct I is a mini-boss fight with the Guardian of the Great Sky Island, a large Zonai object.

At first, this enemy will look like a big monster that is held together by several blocks. Your goal was to apply your Ultra-hand skill on the bright green block as well as pull it away of this enemy.

When you separate the bright green block from the rest of the body, the structure will fall apart, and you can attack it.

You can hit it a few times before it repairs itself, and then you’ll have to do it again. Each time that the Construct Flux 1 restores itself, it becomes an entirely novel object with an alternate set of moves.

But if you are able to snap off the green cube prior to it attacks, you can always make it fall apart. Outside of avoiding its strikes, this is an excellent method of preventing taking damage throughout this fight, but you need to use your ultra-hand fast.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, the boss fight is pretty simple. You will always have to use Ultra-hand in order to take it separated, yet you are able to protect yourself by grabbing the cubes it shoots at you with Ultra-hand.

What You Get Is You Beat Construct 1:

When you beat Flux Construct 1, this will drop a number of things that you are able to pick up and use. The Flux Construct Core is an item that won’t fit in your backpack. Instead, this is something you may employ to make any of your tools much stronger by fusing them together.

In Tears of the Kingdom, the Flux Construct does come back. Also, it will show up again each time there’s a Blood Moon within your game. This means that all the creatures within Hyrule Kingdom have come back, giving you new things to find.

How To Get Ready To Battle Flux Construct 1:

Make Food:

The flux creature is dangerous and can do a lot of damage. If you don’t already have a few meals on hand, it’s an excellent plan to get some before you go.

Creating Elixirs:

In particular, if you can, make a few kinds of elixirs that make you faster. This will assist you avoid the attacks of the Flux Construct. Also, a drink that makes you resistant to cold would be good, since it’s pretty cold here.

Get The Weapons:

It takes extremely a few hits to bring down the creation, and if you lose out of guns in the middle of the fight, you probably aren’t going to make it to the end. So, before you go into battle, check the condition of your guns and get more if you need to.

Equip Ultra-Hand:

You’ll need this skill to defeat the construct, as well as having it already equipped will save you a lot of time during the fight. When you finish the Ukouh Shrine, you will be able to use Ultra-hand.


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