How To Attend Three Lighthouses In One Game In Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 4

How To Attend Three Lighthouses In One Game In Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 of Fortnite: Season 2’s map has a great vibe, with neon lights as well as a clear Japanese influence. As you look around the map, you’ll find lighthouses. These lighthouses are part of one of the challenges this season.

In Fortnite: Battle Royale Chapter 4: Season 2, the island is so big that most players don’t go to every corner of the map unless they have to. Because of this, the developers have made some tasks that call for players to go to places that aren’t as popular.

The new set of seasonal quests for Fortnite asks players to visit 3 lighthouses in a single match. The quest gives players 12,000 XP, which they can use to unlock the battle pass rewards for this season.

Where Three Lighthouses Can Be Found:

To visit three lighthouses in one match, you need to know where those 3 lighthouses are. It’s pretty easy to get between them because you can run, drive, ride, or fly, and you’ll almost always be able to reach all three if that’s your goal for a single match.

You can get a rough idea of where they are on the map by following this quest, but you need to know their exact locations to play a match. We’ll tell you where three lighthouses are in order to mark them on a map and get there as quickly as possible.

Luminous Lantern:

First, you need to land at Sandy Circle, which is a landmark southwest of Steamy Springs. There are two kinetic blades in this area. You can use them to move quickly and then go to a small island called Lotus Lookout, which is to the southeast.

This area has a lot of loot, and you can also find the Thunder NPC here. Once you have everything you need, you’ll need to go to the 1st lighthouse at Luminous Lantern.

Beacon On Fire:

When you’re prepared to leave, look out over the water and you should see a second lighthouse. Basically, it’s at a place known as Burning Beacon.

Even though it would be faster to take a Rogue Bike from across Neon Bay Bridge, the best way to get there is to swim. Just use Kinetic Blade to move around as much as possible before you have to swim.

The Twilight Saga:

When you get to the second lighthouse, you’ll have 2 ways to move to the third. You could either use the rotating kinetic blade or the motorboat.

Your primary objective is to get to a point of interest called Knotty Nets. The third and last lighthouse, called Twilight Torch, is just to the north of it. To finish this challenge, you have to go there.


When you reach 3 lighthouses in one match, you’ll get 12,000 XP, which is a good boost to your Battle Pass. This is a challenge that you should try to finish early in the season. The issues that come after this one will be harder, and you might forget about this one.

Why It’s A Good Idea To See All Three:

You can earn rewards and move forward in the Lighthouse Quest by going to all 3 lighthouses in the same match.

When you finish the quest, you’ll get special in-game items like apply new, V Bucks, as well as XP boosts. You can also get closer to the secret rewards that are waiting for you at the finish of the quest.


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