How Should Arataki Itto Be Built In Genshin Impact?

How Should Arataki Itto Be Built In Genshin Impact?

The new five stars Geo Clay-more character Arataki Itto is mostly a main DPS. But this character is hard to make because of the way his scales work. Itto wants to stack a lot of DEF, while most DPS characters would like to stack a lot of Attack.

The Oni’s Royale is a banner that is featured on Arataki Itto. It will remain there until early January 2021. Itto only has one build, and that one is all about primary DPS. Compared to other Geo users, he does a fair amount of damage. His build is pretty simple, and only a few of his weapons and items stand out from the rest.

Itto is the strongest guy to show up in Gen-shin Impact’s December 2021 update, and many players like him because he wears a rare male version of bikini top Armour. And hey, I’m not going to judge you for that.

But if you want to know more about how this 5-star Geo Clay-more wielder works as a playable character, including the best builds, party compositions, level-up requirements, and much more, read on.

Best Weapons For Arataki Itto:

Weapon Name Base Attack Secondary Attack Passive Ability
Redhorn Stonethresher 44 Plus 19.2% Crit Damage Itto’s Defence is increased by 28%. Based on your Defence, Itto’s Normal and Charged Attack Damage is increased by 40%.
Serpent Spine 42 plus 6% Crit Damage Itto’s damage increases by 6% every four seconds and takes 3% more damage within a field. This effect can stack up to five times. A stack is lost upon taking damage.
Whiteblind 42 plus 11.3% Defence Itto’s Attack and Defence are increased by 6% for six seconds if Normal or Charged Attacks hits. This effect can stack up to four times. It occurs once every 0.5 seconds.

From the three weapons we’ve talked about so far, the Redhorn Stonethresher is the best choice for your first pick. It gives a huge boost to critical damage and makes Itto’s defence higher, so you can be more aggressive.

If you don’t have the Redhorn Stone Thresher, you can use either the Serpent Spine or the Whiteblind instead. Until early January, you could indeed squeeze Redhorn Stonethresher from the Epitome Invocation banner.

Best Artifacts For Arataki Itto:

Artifact Name Two-Piece Set Four-Piece Set
Husk of Opulent Dreams Plus 30% Defence The artifact set gives Itto the Curiosity Effect. After hitting an enemy with a Geo attack inside a field, you gain one stack every 0.3 seconds. While outside the field, you gain one stack every three seconds. This effect can stack up to four times. Each stack gives Itto +6% Geo Damage and Defence. A stack is lost every six seconds if you do not gain any stacks in that time.
Retracing Bolide Plus 35% Shield Strength Itto gains 40% Normal and Charged Attack Damage if he has a shield around him.

The artefact set you will use on Itto is called “Husk of Opulent Dreams.” In terms of stats, Critical Damage and Critical Rate are the most important. Defense as well as Energy Recharge are next on the list.

In the new update, you can get artefacts by taking on the new Slumbering Court Domain on Seirai Island. If you don’t have the other artefact set, you can use Retracing Bolide instead. You can get it from Domain of Guyun.

Arataki Itto’s Best Team:

The best team for Arataki Itto would be a filled or bulky Geo team. Many more of his best support systems as well as sub-DPS characters are expensive, which is a shame. For example, Zhongli and Albedo are both 5-star units that go well with him. But because they are 5-star units, they are hard to get and most players can’t use them.

  1. Itto, Zhongli, Albedo, and Gorou, Itto does most of the damage, Zhongli protects the team with his shield, Albedo does Geo damage off-field, and Gorou boosts the whole Geo team.
  2. Itto, Geo MC/Ningguang, Gorou, and Flex Healer, This team is less expensive than the one above. Itto’s Elemental Burst is charged by Ningguang and Geo MC, who also help deal damage to the enemy team. Gorou gives bonuses to the Geo characters on your team, and you can switch in any healer to assist keep the other players alive.

Gorou is the best person to help him because he boosts the team’s DEF% and Geo DMG%. Because of this, you are going to want a slot in Gorou most of the time. Here are a few of his most successful teams.


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