Hostages Season 2 review: Is it worth to Watch?

Hostages Season 2 review

Finally, Hostages Season 2 has arrived on September 9 and receiving a lot of mixed reviews from viewers. Good or Bad reviews? Do you want to know? If you have seen season 1 then undoubtedly you would head over to Season 2. And If you are thinking to watch hostages right from Season 1 then I would suggest you first go through this article to read reviews about the serial, especially Season 2. Read Hostages Season 2 review in detail, continue reading!

The thriller Crime Series, HOSTAGES, is getting lots of praise after Season 1 as it leaves the story in a cliff-hanger and Season 2 was much-awaited! Season 1 came with 10 episodes but Season 2 has stretched a little with 12 Episodes. All episodes are 35-40 minutes long streaming on Disney+Hotstar. Along with all old faces, some new faces are introduced in the series. Briefing the review, the first four episodes are very interesting and carry forward with the Season 1 story. After Episode 4, the new things have piled up and introduced. According to critics, this is where the story worsens.

Hostages Season 2 Story Reveal…

In the very first episode, You would see After kidnapping Handa, Prithvi and his team are off to Nepal. However, plans go awry when Handa escapes, Saba’s health deteriorates and Subramanian sees them. The Next, With cops and reporters crowding the empty mansion, Prithvi scrambles for time. Ayesha Khan brought in as a hostage negotiator and builds a communication link. In the third episode, Prithvi is required to make a difficult decision and obliges the release of a Tihar Jail inmate, who’s a former surgeon. But Ayesha has a card up her sleeve.

In Episode 4, Prithvi assists Asghar prepare for the bone marrow transplant, Desai gets an unwelcome guest. Elsewhere, Shikha doubts some conspiracy in a so-called open-and-shut case. With Asghar completing his task, Prithvi purposes an exit strategy. On the other side, Shikha pays the price for going against orders. Later, Handa and Saba form a great bond. Meanwhile, Sarah helps Prithvi,  and she gets unwanted attention. Then Kanika meets an unforeseen informant and Shikha comes across some compelling evidence.

Gradually, Peter starts to crack following the hostage crisis, an invader crumbles into Sarah’s house. On the other end, Shikha and Rohan choose to spy on Isha Andrews. The circumstance worsens when Prithvi gets a heart-stopping phone call about his daughter. Meanwhile, Handa attempts to manipulate Peter into helping him. A strange journalist, Arjun Bhasin, comes to cover Handa’s funeral. Back at the mansion, Handa puts some light on his controversial deals and Ayesha keeps a close eye on Dutt. As Prithvi reconnects with his old companions, he thinks to outwit Ranbir. On the other end, Arjun has an exceptional encounter with a political extremist.

When Aman and Saba try to escape, Prithvi joins Dutt to clear out the place where they are staying. Rohan finds a significant lead as the conspiracy discloses more. It’s a race against time for Prithvi to protect his daughter. Lastly, Ayesha finds something wrong and goes with her gut feeling, and Shikha certainly puts it all together.

Our Verdict

Well, viewers, Season 2 hasn’t met expectations and leave the fans devastated and disappointed. The season got an overall rating of “3/10” which is considered “poor” on IMDb. Many twists and turns have resulted in an unpleasant end. Also, the series is considered to be the remake of the Israeli Series and thus spoiling originals. The introduction of all the characters in the last episode seems unwanted and created a hassle to watch!

Some Reviews on IMDb

  • Poor Direction and Execution
  • Don’t keep high hopes
  • The spineless story, poor acting, bad direction
  • It Goes Nowhere
  • And many more bad reviews……..

We are not speaking in against, However, there are a lot of positive reviews as well. The twists and turns are interesting and the end is well according to some viewers. It’s upon one’s interest how you like the show, we are depicting the way we like!

Some Good Reviews

  • Interesting and Mysterious
  • Roles are played very well.

I hope you would like this piece of Information. Thanks for reading! If you have viewed, do share your reviews as well. It would be helpful!

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