HavingFallen Wind, God Roll Guide For Destiny 2

Having Fallen Wind, God Roll Guide For Destiny 2:

With Season of Defiance, Destiny 2 got a great new Kinetic Pulse Rifle called Autumn Wind. As with most firearms in the game, you could indeed equip it with a wide variety of bonuses.

This guide tells you what the best god rolls for Autumn Wind seem to be for both PvP as well as PvE, giving you a big advantage no matter what you’re doing.

If you’ve played the Crucible for a while, you know that each and every season we obtain one weapon that drops like sweets. It is the Season of Defiance Autumn Wind Pulse Firearm that has been fixed up.

As well as hey, whether you’re obtaining them to drop all the time, you ought to know the god roll for the versatile gun.

Autumn Wind is a new weapon that was added in Destiny 2: The Season of Defiance. It was a surprise hit. It is a Kinetic Pulse Rifle that fires at 540 RPM and has a lot of different perks. Autumn Wind can help you find a great pulse rifle for either PvE or PvP.

Autumn Wind Weapon Statistics:

The following are Autumn Wind’s base stats. At their core, these are what you’re looking at. The bonuses that come with the weapon may make them a little better, but this is what you’re looking at.

Impact 23 Inventory Size 58
Range 27 Zoom 17
Stability 46 Airborne Effectiveness 10
Handling 25 Recoil 54
Reload Speed 34 Rounds per Minute 540
Aim Assistance 77 Magazine 37

Best Autumn Wind God Roll [PvE]:

  • Arrowhead Brake (Barrel)
  • Ricochet Rounds (magazine)
  • Demolitionist
  • Rampage or Adrenaline Junkies

This roll is great for PvE because of a few things. The Arrowhead Brake makes your managing speed and control of recoil much better, so you can aim much more accurately. Richochet rounds make your gun more stable and give you more range by making bullets bounce off of hard floors.

We can’t count how many times a ricocheted bullet saved our lives. With Demolitionist, every kill you make with Autumn Wind gives you grenade energy.

Then, if you employ your grenade ability, your gun will be reloaded, so you can pop a grenade, spend a magazine, and be ready to kill more enemies right away.

Lastly, Adrenaline Junkie works with your grenade ability by giving you more damage and better control when you land the final blow with a grenade. But you might want to try Rampage, which stacks three times and gives you more harm with Autumn Wind when you kill something.

Best Autumn Wind God Roll [PvP]:

  • Arrowhead Brake (Barrel)
  • Ricochet Rounds (Magazine)
  • Rangefinder
  • Moving Target

You will kill an extensive number of Guardians with this PvP roll. As with the PvE god roll, Arrowhead Brake will give you faster handling and better control over recoil.

Ricochet Rounds provide you with a further boost to your gun’s range and stability, and they also let you make your bullets bounce back and forth. When you aim down sights, the rangefinder makes your effective range longer.

You’ll also be able to take more precise shots because the zoom will be stronger. Moving Target lets you move faster and find your target faster when aiming down sights. This works well with the rangefinder and gives you the ability to kill guardians from far away.

Destiny 2 How to Get Autumn Wind:

Autumn Wind is a Crucible weapon, so if you want a chance to get it, you’ll have to play and rank up in the Crucible a lot. The Iron Banner is a wonderful way to play more matches than you normally would as you finish time-limited quests. Don’t worry too much about the PvP aspect.


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