In a rare development, an insider from Apple’s supply chain has unloaded plenty of information about upcoming iPhone 8 in a Reddit AMA. The discussion, which was started by a Foxconn insider, is still going on but will close by the time Apple begins its WWDC. And while in an online forum anyone can claim to be an insider, moderators of the subreddit said that they’ve verified the identity of user by asking him/her for specific information and documentation. So without spending much time let’s dive straight into  info that was leaked by this insider:

No TouchID sensor on the back

The insider who participated in the thread dismissed the rumors of an iPhone 8 with TouchID sensor on its back. Labeling those rumors as misinformation, the insider said:

“I’d saw the rear fingerprint designs are misinformation.”

So now we can take a sigh of relief. After all, how could Apple do such a senseless blunder?

So where will the TouchID sensor be?

So now if it won’t be on the back, the question is where will it be? In the home button, as it has been till now? Or under the screen, as rumors were suggesting? Well, it seems that the rumors about under-screen sensor are gonna be true. However, there’s a catch. Let’s hear it in the words of insider himself/herself:

“We saw test units with fingerprint scanners mounted below the glass but performance and yield rates were not good. I’ve seen reports of a rear fingerprint scanner which I haven’t seen; our team thinks the previous design + camera authentication is more likely given our intelligence.”

So, we’re probably gonna see an iPhone with under-screen TouchID sensor. However, it’s effectiveness is somewhat under question, which according to this insider Apple is trying to fix by combining it with facial authentication. Well, given Apple’s tryst for perfection, this seems unlikely. It’ll be interesting to see how this particular thing is pulled off in Cupertino.

Lightning connector, fast charging and 3GB RAM

Moving forward on the topic, the insider said that there’ll be a Lightning, not USB-C port in iPhone 8. Nevertheless, there may be support for fast charging.

The insider also said that it will come with 3 gigs of RAM. That’s plenty of room even for some heavy processing stuff, isn’t it?

What will it look like ?

Finally, the Foxconn insider also revealed what iPhone 8 will look like. It’ll be something like this:

iPhone 8 possible design

Besides that, from the front it may look more or less like the 2nd one shown below:

 iPhone 8 possible front view

We’ll come to know very soon how much of this information was true, as now there’s only one day remaining in WWDC. Based on the information leaked so far iPhone 8 seems a very promising device, but now after these leaks what I’m most curious about is how the TouchID sensor is implemented. I’m curious to know how will it be activated. Will activation take place entirely on the command of software? Or will there be some sort of physical button to activate it? Whatever the way, let’s hope it’s pulled off perfectly, in-line with Apple’s track record.


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