Fortnite will be collaborating with Tron


Several files found in Fortnite Battle Royale give us clues about an upcoming collaboration with the Tron saga. We tell you everything we know.

On Wednesday, February 10, 2021, several Fortnite Battle Royale files were decrypted. These files give us clues about the upcoming fairly substantial cooperation that we will see in Season 5 of the Pass Battle of Fortnite Chapter 2: nothing more and nothing less than the saga Tron. We tell you everything we know about it just below:

Fortnite x Tron: everything we know

At around 12:00 p.m. CET on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, several files within Fortnite Battle Royale were decrypted. Specifically, those that refer to the portal codename Mainframe. These files are basically an image and an audio track. Just below, you have both items combined:

Both the music and the image itself are very reminiscent of the Tron saga, owned by Disney, and whose most recent film was Tron: Legacy, released in theaters in 2010:

Season 5 of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass has hunting as its central theme.

Agent Jonesy is traveling between different realities to recruit the best hunters in the galaxy so that the characters can not escape Fortnite the game.

Each new character that he recruits appears in a portal within the video game island. As has previously happened with Daryl Dixon and Michonne from The Walking Dead, or with the Predator, this “means of transport” is his way of arriving at the island.

As we mentioned, the decrypted files belong to a portal that, at the time we write this news, has yet to appear within Fortnite.

Taking into account the precedents, it is expected that Tron skins will arrive in Fortnite. We will inform you more fully as soon as we have more information about it.

What is Tron? What is this saga about?

According to Wikipedia, the Tron saga is a franchise created in 1982, with the homonymous movie’s release. Kevin Flynn (played by actor Jeff Bridges) is a computer genius and video game developer trapped in a virtual world and must escape from it by interacting with different programs.

Its sequel, Tron: Legacy, was released in 2010 and told the adventure of Sam (played by actor Garrett Hedlund), Kevin’s son, to rescue his father from the virtual world.

There is a third film in the works, called Tron: Ares, although not much is known about it beyond that actor, Jared Leto will be the protagonist.

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