Follow These Procedures To Acquire The Hogwarts Legacy Finishing Touches Award

Follow These Procedures To Acquire The Hogwarts Legacy Finishing Touches Award:

If you like annihilating your foes with Ancient Magic, you may consider putting some effort into obtaining the “Finishing Touches” Trophy in Hogwarts Legacy. This will allow you to use Ancient Magic more often. Casting Ancient Magic on “every adversary in the game” is required to complete this achievement.

While your Collecting records for hostile mobs may include hundreds of entries, a task of this kind may, at first look, seem to be quite difficult to complete. Unfortunately, one-time opponents like Trial guards and phantoms of Death are not included towards the needed mobs for the “Finishing Touches” achievement.

On the other hand, there are 34 foes that you need to hunt down in order to get this Achievement or Trophy, and you may find all of them roaming across the open area of the Highlands.

The Hogwarts Legacy video game is one for the annals of gaming history. This game seems to be already in the running for a spot among the finest in 2023, if not the classics themselves, thanks to its stratospheric surge in popularity and its ever-expanding following.

In this re-imagined take on the classic role-playing game genre, players take on the role of a lone adventurer venturing through J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. This game, which takes place a century before the events of the Harry Potter series, gives players the opportunity to explore Hogwarts and the surrounding wilderness in quest of excitement, riches, and good times.

If you do not choose to focus only on progressing through the main story-line of this game, there are a large number of optional side quests and other shorter objectives available for you to do.

One of these trophies that you may get is called the Finishing Touches accomplishment, and it is widely considered to be one of the achievements that is the most difficult to acquire in the game. Due to the fact that we were aware of this, we decided to provide a guide to assist anybody who was interested in attempting to complete this quest.

Putting The Final Touches On Things With Some Ancient Magic:

During the Main Objective in Hogwarts Legacy, you will be given the opportunity to learn how to do Ancient Magic. When your character has sufficient magical essence to perform an Ancient Magic attack, a button or key prompt would appear over the target’s head to prompt you to launch the attack.

You may amass this essence either by gathering up the glowing orbs that are dropped by foes during battle or by utilizing your Spells to do damage to those who stand in your way. In addition, the pace at which your Ancient Magic gauge may be improved is a component of the Core part of your Talents.

It is important to note that in order to get the “Finishing Touches” Achievement or Trophy in Hogwarts Legacy, it is not necessary for you to defeat all 34 of your opponents using Ancient Magic.

What Are Some Ways To Put The Finishing Touches On Something?

To begin the process of unlocking this accomplishment, you must first use Ancient Magic to vanquish all of the foes that appear in the game. While this may seem to be challenging at first, there are 67 different rivals to face throughout the game.

Almost half of these adversaries appear just once during the narrative hence, it is possible to ignore them since they do not play a role in this mission. The following is a complete list, without further ado, of all of the foes that need to be eliminated in order for you to get the Finishing Touches accomplishment.

  • Ashwinder Wizards – These come in Duelist, Scout, Assassin, Ranger, Soldier and Executioner. Take out all forms to complete this section!

  • Poachers – Duelist, Tracker, Animagus, Ranger, Stalker and Executioner. As with the above Ashwinder Wizards, you will need to beat all of their categories individually.

  • Loyalist Goblins – Assassin, Commander, Sentinal, Warrior, Ranger.

  • Trolls – Armored, Fighter, Fortified. These can be found in the bandit camps. Forest, Mountain and River are all found in dens.

  • Dugbogs – Stoneback, Great Spined and Cotton Grass. All three types are found in dens.

  • Venomous Spiders – Scurrier, Ambusher, Shooter and Matriach. All found in dens as well.

  • Thornback Spiders – Scurrier, Ambusher,  Shooter and Matriach can be found in dens.

  • Acromantula – These scary critters are also found in dens!

  • Dark Mongrels – Found in dens for you to take out.

  • Inferius – These creepy creatures live in dens too.


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