Find The Force Quests In Fortnite And Learn How To Finish Them

Find The Force Quests In Fortnite And Learn How To Finish Them:

During the Find the Force event, the Star Wars world is brought back into the game. There are new items that you can get for free or purchase, and a number of quests that go on for three weeks.

The latest update to Fortnite adds a new set of tasks called “Find the Force Quests.” Players who complete these quests can earn Star Wars-themed skins along with additional prizes.

Cosmetics Here’s How You Can Get All Of Them:

When a new crossover was added to Fortnite, gamers get a variety of unique cosmetics, in-game items, as well as tasks that can assist them rank up their Battle Pass faster because they give them more XP.

Players have been enjoying crosses between Star Wars and Fortnite for a few years now. These crossovers let players use lightsabers in-game and dress up as their fave characters from the hit movie series.

This guide tells you how to finish each and every Find the Force mission, so you don’t have to wait any longer than you have to to get all the Star Wars stuff you need for your character.

All Find The Force Quests In Fortnite And How To Do Them:

Below, we’ve gone through every task associated with the Fortnite: Find the Force event as well as described how to finish them. The tasks are divided into parts based on when they first showed up in Fortnite during the three-week event.

The Quests For The Force Within:

For the initial week of the Fortnite: Find the Force event, the following tasks and answers were released:

This Looks Nothing Like Tatooine:

For this quest to be complete, you must land on the map while the Fortnite: Find the Force event continues to go on. You have to do this a total of five times before the quest is done. It’s considered to be one of the easy tasks on this list since you don’t even have to think about how to do it.

Learn How The Force Works:

For this quest, you have to go to the Rift Gates that will show up in random places on the map while the Find the Force event continues to go on.

They show up on the map as red, blue, and green dots. You’ll meet one of three Star Wars figures at the Rift Gates: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Darth Maul.

Talk to them to learn a force skill like force push, force pull, or a powerful Sith move. Every time you use a Rift Gate, you’ll also get a light sabre.

The Army Of The Republic Is Well-Equipped For Battle:

Republic Chests can be found in each of the new Star Wars-themed shelters that have been put up on the map of Fortnite. Storm troops even guard some. The sign of the Republic is on top of these big boxes.

When you first start this quest, you’ll be told where all of these items are, but you’ll have to keep an eye out for them while running within later games. Some of the items in these boxes, like the DC-15 Blaster Rifle, are needed for other tasks.

Anyone Who Fights Against The Separatists Was On The Republic’s Side:

To finish this job, you need to hire anyone on the map. You’ll be told where to find the different people you can hire for the quest. Choose your best and move on to the next one.

We’ve Heard That The Enemy Is Up To Something In The Area:

To finish this task, you must beat another person in a match while using a Star Wars weapon. This might involve a Lightsaber or a DC-15 Blaster, but without a weapon of your own, you won’t get very far.

We suggest that you go to a Rift Gate to acquire a Force Ability and a Lightsaber of your very own so that you can easily take out opponents with Star Wars weapons.

Use Your Abilities Well:

For this quest, you need to go receive a Star Wars weapon or Force ability and destroy everything you see.

We discovered that the fastest and most powerful way to do that was with a blade. Visit a single of the Rift Gates throughout a match to obtain yours and start pulling apart the named places.

When You’re In Battle, You’ll Be Glad You Have This:

When you follow this quest, you’ll be told where you need to go to get ammunition. You can get ammo from starting places, boxes, and other objects when you go to one of them.

As long as you’re inside the boundaries of a place, you can pick up the ammo that other players will drop when they die. Don’t be afraid to attack anyone who gets too close.

A Beautiful Tool For This Age Of Civilization:

When you follow this quest, a sign will show up on the map where the Kinetic Ore is. There, drop down and look for tents close to get a Star Wars weapon.

You might also drop further away as well as go to a Rift Gate on the way to get a Lightsaber. Once you possess a Star Wars weapon, shoot or hit the blue rocks around the marked spot that are made of Kinetic Ore until they bounce around and fly away. If you do this twice, the quest will be done.

This Is Not Podracing At All:

At the conclusion of a Fortnite match, it gets dark, so you’ll need to stay alive until the last 10 to 20 people to finish this quest. All you have to do is go running at night, nothing else.

This Is What Podracing Is:

This is another quest that is very easy to finish. Drop somewhere on the map, preferably where you know there’s a car, as well as drive around until you’ve travelled far enough to finish the quest.

Any car will do, but we discovered that bikes were the best because they move better on all kinds of terrain.

Be Ready To Fight Against Any Rebels You Come Across:

This quest has three steps and is pretty easy to finish. In every game you play, make it through the storm stages. As long as you stay alive until the end of a match, you’ll naturally move through each stage.

Keep playing, and you’ll finish this quest quickly. Every storm circle that closes counts as a survivor.

You Have To Be Ready To Fight Where It’s Needed The Most:

This is another three-step quest that isn’t too hard to finish. First, you have to run for a certain distance. This can be done quickly if you run, pass to let your energy recover, and then sprint again.

Next, you have to move while sliding. To do this, you have to run and hit the crouch button. To move fast, you slide, stop, and slide again. This is the same as running.

Lastly, you’ll just have to walk, which is easy. Choose a way to go and run. All done. This quest will be finished automatically because you ought to complete everything that is asked of you within every game you play.

Getting Sith Holocrons:

The Sith Infiltrator Glider is one of the best prizes from the Fortnite: Feel the Force event, but you need Sith Holocrons to get it. You need to do each set of twelve quests throughout the event to get them.

In order to do this, you have to finish every task that has been added onto the event while it is going on. You are unable to locate these in a battle; you have to be patient and finish most of the tasks in this guide.

How To Get Guns From Star Wars:

There are three places where you can get guns from Star Wars. You can look through Republic Chests, talk to people at Rift Gates, or talk to Storm Troopers at tents all over the map.

The Storm Troopers are going to offer you the DC-15 Blaster, as well as the Rift Gates will provide you a Lightsaber. Both of these weapons have unlimited ammo.


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