Fan Art Combines Fighters With Teammates Super Smash Bros. &; Among Us 

As you all may have heard of, Among Us has been on the top of the list and it is a major success for the last few months. Also, that has led to a plethora of fan art that includes several mashups that are made by fans as well as professionals. 

You must know that the artist @Kocakup on Twitter did decide to take a simple Crewmater design along with combining it with some of the fighters or fiercest characters from the Super Smash Bros. franchise.

You will be happy to know that the artist did manage to recreate almost every fighter in the game and that is truly an impressive thing that most people are appraising. It is sure that the artist did put in much effort into each and every little detail to recreate the characters.

You can be able to see that there has been incredible attention to the details which makes the recreation of the fighter even more extraordinary and lively. 

Looking at the recreational character by the artist, fans will not have to go through any kind of difficulty to identify which character is which. It will be more interesting for all the fans to know that the fighter of Super Smash Bros. is placed in the same order as they appear in the franchise.

The artist was successful enough to take the things and details of the characters a step further. Well, the image on Twitter actually features every fighter in the game so far. But fans are able to figure out that there is one character missing and that is Steve, the Minecraft. 

Fans are hoping that Artist @Kocakup has a plan to recreate the Among Us version of your favorite characters. 


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