Everything Inc Launched Ripple CLIP Announces the Launch of Ripple CLIP in Apr 2019

Summary: AICHI, 29 Apr 2019 – Everything Inc., a distribution company specializing in apparel and household goods, is pleased to announce the launch of Ripple CLIP from April 2019 on Kickstarter.

(Reuters) Nagoya, Japan – Everything Inc., a Japanese distribution company launches Ripple clips as a Kickstarter campaign with a claim that, “they are clips that never slip”.

Everything Inc., a Japan-based distribution company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest project, Ripple clips, on 29th April 2019. The company has clearly and boldly claimed that these clips will solve the problem of slippery paper clips that come off easily, creating a lot of hassle. 

The story as told by the company is quite an interesting one. Hirotoshi Ishida, a chemical engineer, used to suffer a lot with slippery paper clips that would come off while flipping documents. “It is really frustrating when you are trying to figure out something and suddenly a paper flies away from the pile and you go chasing it all over the place, all focus lost. Back to the starting point!” said Mr. Ishida. “I had to do something about it, and my mind gave birth to Ripple clips!”, he added.

Before being launched on Kickstarter, Ripple clips project was set up on Makuake, a local Japanese crowd-funding platform, and it received whopping 570% higher funds than the initial goal. Soon, these clips were made available in department stores and stationaries in Japan.

Some characteristics of the Ripple clips include triple helical structure, which enables these clips to stay glued on paper and prevents them from slipping off. In addition, these clips are available in red and blue colors due to the high visibility of these colors. Ripple clips are designed to be durable and used repeatedly for a long time. 

Project for Ripple clips is live on Kickstarter at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1971547708/ripple-clip?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=ripple
and will end on 31st May 2019. It has been successful in achieving 30% of the goal and due to “all or nothing” option they have chosen, the project will receive nothing if the final goal is not achieved.

About everything Inc:
Everything Inc. is a distribution company based in Nagoya Japan. It discovers new brands and products and also develops them. It specializes in apparels and household goods and products. It also works as a supporter of new brands and helps them promote their business and grow in the market.

Contact info:
Name: Shota
Email Address: [email protected]
Organization: Everything Inc.
Address: 5-7-18, Yobitsugi Minamiku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Phone Number: +81 90 57631395
Website URL: https://www.everything-365.com/
Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH_aitUr27w&feature=share


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