Elder Scrolls Online Halloween Event Allows To Dress Up As Zombies

All of you will be excited to know that The Elder Scrolls Online is currently hosting a Halloween event in which it offers all the users to earn a huge bonus XPs along with the goody-filler Skull Containers and even the opportunity to turn your favorite character into a Zombie.

Yes, you can now be able to change your character into a legitimate member of the undead army with all the creepy looks and a scary outfit. 

It is sure that you must have heard of it by now that the Witches Festival is all set to return back to The Elder Scrolls Online game on 22 October, Thursday.

Also, you must know that the event or the Witches Festival will be going on until November 3, Tuesday at 7 am PT or 10 am ET or 3 pm BST. But it will be essential for all the interested players to get a costume before showing up to the amazing festival.

It is important for you to know that if you have not completed or finish The Witchmother’s Bargain Quest that is available on the Holiday section of the Crown Store in the game. Then you need to make sure to get your hands on the Witchmother’s Whistle Momento.

The player should use the Whistle when the event is ongoing in order to unlock the 100 percent XP boost of 2 hours. You will also receive the Witchmother’s Cauldron which you will have to use to put on the all-new zombie Halloween costume that you will get during the event.

Make sure to complete the quest before the Witches Festival and it is going to begin on 22 October. It will be a great chance to add a zombie costume to the inventory along with many Skull Containers. 


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