3 Easy Ways to Motivate Yourself to Run More This Year

Running is inarguably one of the best ways to get fit without a lot of effort. It can be done anytime anywhere and shows positive results for your health in a very short time. The problem with new runners, however, is that they tend to overdo things in the very beginning—buying new running gear, trying to do marathons, and so forth—turning running into a forced activity rather than a thing of joy.

For many, this aggressive approach results in a burnout and the initial excitement and drive are soon taken over by dread and anxiety. The key to making running a habit is to be realistic about your physical strength and take one small step at a time.

If you love running but can’t get yourself to go for a run, the following self-motivating strategies will help you get started on the road to fitness.

Make small goals and celebrate every victory

When you’re just starting to run, it’s easy to get carried away and exert yourself. Running five miles on your first day out will indeed enthrall you, but if you’re not a runner by nature, burning yourself out may deter you from coming back the next day.

As a beginner, it is important to make running resolutions that you can achieve without feeling stressed or anxious. Make some goals; for instance, start with two or three miles twice or thrice a week and build from there. Go easy in the beginning and give yourself three to four weeks before increasing the distance and frequency of your run.

It takes a while to break old habits, but an all-or-nothing mindset may leave you feeling frustrated with not being able to meet your goals. Acknowledge that you’re new to this lifestyle and that your body needs time to adjust, and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back every time you complete a run.

Fire up your motivation by setting out your running gear the previous night and go to bed early. If you prefer running in the evening, schedule your day so that nothing would interfere with your running time.

Welcome nourishing and healthy foods into your life

Running is not an isolated activity, but it can sure act as a catalyst for positive change in the way you live, eat and work. When you eat healthy, you feel lighter, more energetic, and inspired to get fit.

Eat nutritious fruits and vegetables, give up fast food, moderate your sugar intake and drink lots of water every day. Even if you’re currently running only twice a week, changing your dietary habits will inspire you to exercise more often.

While eating healthy goes hand in hand with physical exercise, going on a fad diet to lose weight fast can be detrimental to your health. Don’t eat foods you hate, because then you will find it difficult to sustain healthy eating. Make small changes, instead. Eat a salad for breakfast once every two days, skip the sugar in your coffee once a day, and so forth.

Keep a cheat day when you can eat anything you want so that you won’t feel deprived. Check out this article from Women Daily Magazine to know what you should not be doing when on a diet.

Changing your food habits gradually but firmly will inspire you to make running a permanent part of your life rather than a passing interest.

Sleep early to wake up early for a run

It’s true that as long as you have the intention to exercise, you need not do it first thing in the morning. Running during the day is just fine, but experts say that a good run in the morning is the best way to kickstart your metabolism. Moreover, responsibilities and chores have a way of eating into our workout time. But how do you motivate yourself to wake up early every day when you’re not a morning person?

A simple solution is to start sleeping earlier than you do. Your fitness regimen and your lifestyle are both connected to each other and you cannot succeed at one without making changes in the other. Getting enough sleep is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, and once you start doing it, you’ll find it easier to wake earlier than you do now.

Moreover, prioritizing running and accomplishing your daily goal first thing in the morning will itself give you all the motivation you need to keep going.


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