Ease Your Anxiety with These 5 Useful Safety Apps

Heading home at night after work, jogging, or a drink with friends can be pretty stressful – especially when the way home takes you through unlit, potentially dangerous areas. Thankfully, security apps are designed to keep users safe even in situations where dialing the emergency line is not an option, or you are otherwise incapacitated.

Here are five excellent apps to prepare you for the worst, each with its own approach.

#1 One Scream

Screaming is a natural first reaction to assault, injury, or other unfortunate circumstances. And it can be the thing that saves the day if you use “One Scream.”

As the name suggests, the app picks up on a woman’s panic scream and notifies emergency contacts. It’s fairly fine-tuned in that respect, so there’s little risk of activating the alarm by accident. Nevertheless, you have 20 seconds to dismiss the alarm if that happens.

Other useful features of the app include showing your location and starting up an audio feed, so people can remain aware of your situation until help is on the way. Just remember to keep your phone charged at all times, or have a power bank ready, as the app needs to stay active to work.

#2 Red Panic Button

What better way to alert others that you’re in danger than by pushing a giant red button? Well, other than shouting for help, but there’s no guarantee bystanders will jump in. Anyway, no need to fumble around with a keypad or even wait for a response. Just push the button and your contacts will receive a text message and email containing your coordinates (provided by Google Maps).

Need to communicate your situation in more detail? You can also record a short voice message before the app sends out the email. The premium version of the app also integrates audio and video feeds, as well as useful panic message templates.

#4 Life360

An app that lets friends and family keep an eye on each-other – just check the map under your “Circles” and see where everyone is in real time. Great to ensure kids return safely from school, or a significant other coming home late after work or the gym. Nearly half of all women in the UK feel unsafe walking alone at night, and having someone you trust watch over you can provide a sense of comfort.

The app lets you add all sorts of locations you’ll be stopping by, whether it’s the mall, school, restaurants, and so on. You can notify your Circle that you’ve arrived safely with a single tap, and maintain a timeline of visited locations as well. In a pinch, Life360 can send out silent alerts to your Circle, which includes your current location.

#3 bSafe

bSafe includes both touch and vocal activation, alerting your contacts of your whereabouts. In addition, the app provides a real-time audio and video feed, as well as files they can download (e.g. to show the authorities.) Once again, bSafe integrates GPS tracking for trusted contacts, letting them know that you’re safe and on the way home.

What’s interesting about bSafe is its fake phone call feature. Just set bSafe to “call” your phone every so often, to escape uncomfortable or dangerous situations on public transport and similar scenarios.

#5 Kitestring

No smartphone? No worries. You don’t need one to use Kitestring, as the service is entirely SMS-based. It regularly texts your phone, and you have the option of responding back through SMS or by visiting the Kitestring website. Stop responding, and the service notifies your emergency contacts. Useful in case you’re incapacitated in some way and can’t scream or use the Red Panic Button at your disposal.

Not one for apps? There are plenty of wearables you can use as well – say, security bracelets. Just follow the link at the start of the article for a couple of great options.


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