Dungeons & Dragons – Critical Role Reveals New Paladin Subclass

In the episode of Critical Role that did release last week, all the fans will be able to see the brand new Paladin Subclass that Matt Mercer did design. Matt Mercer – The Oath of the Open Sea was the main creator of such a beautiful design of the Paladin Subclass.

It will be essential for you to know that the only possible reason to design the subclass is due to the help of Travis Willingham’s character, Fjord. 

With Fjord’s character in mind along with incorporating a nautical theme that will sync up with his past, it will be possible to design the Critical Role’s new Paladin Subclass.

You will be happy to know that Fjord did manage to gain access to the subclass’s ability at the time when he was successful enough to take the third paladin level. It is sure that the character did not take the official Oath of the Open Seas until the last episode.

You must know that Fjord did gain access to 2 new spells with the help of which he can be able to Create or Destroy Water and Expeditious Retreat. 

It will be possible for Fjord to channel and divert divinity for two new effects. That will include one which will create a 20-foot patch of fog that is capable enough to heavily obscure the area for each and every person present there.

But along with the paladin, his allies, and a helpful as well as interesting ability, it can be possible to harness the power of the tides to push the enemy ten-feet away from the player.

Most fans are so happy with the revelation of the new Paladin subclass in Critical Role. it will bring more excitement, fun, interest, charm, and thrill to the fans. 


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