Dragon Ball – The new resins of the World Martial Arts Tournament

dragon ball

For many Dragon Ball fans, the first stage of the series will always be second to none. How to forget the first steps of Son Goku with Bulma? And the initial culmination of the original adventure with the apotheosis 21st Martial Arts Tournament? Hold on to the saddle, curves are coming, and they are more pronounced than those that we find in the hills of Monte Paz.

The first stage of Dragon Ball is usually the most forgotten in the field of merchandising. Fortunately, companies like Bandai are betting on it thanks to the SH Figuarts line, which articulated outstanding quality figures. But of course, there are very demanding fans who want to go one step further, wallet in hand.

And that’s where the world of resins come in, and figures made with premium material that boasts highly polished details that are difficult to match. Well, can you imagine that the first World Martial Arts Tournament represented with this material?

Stop dreaming, not in vain it is already a reality thanks to XBD Studio, a brand that has launched into the pool with the first adventures of Son Goku in resin format.

In fact, you will not only find the mythical participants of the tournament, be it Bacterian, Nam, Jackie Chun or King Chapa … but you will also be able to get hold of the tournament tatami and the charismatic commentator! We leave you just below a wonderful photo gallery, with all the models that we can find in the market.

Have you been cool? Well, you can already buy or reserve them at this link. Some of them are already available, and curiously they are not expensive at all, as there are cases in which for about € 70 you can get a unit.

After this nostalgic trip to the franchise’s remote times … we say goodbye! Of course, until tomorrow, the day we will bring you a new Z installment. Kai, Kai!


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