Does Hogwarts Legacy Have Phoenix Dens?

Does Hogwarts Legacy Have Phoenix Dens?

One of the most wanted animals in Hogwarts Legacy is the Phoenix. Some of your gear needs Phoenix Feathers to be fully upgraded, so getting them for free in your Room of Requirement is much better than going to Hogsmeade to buy them. People think that this bird has died out in the game, which is sad. But the rumors aren’t true, and there is a quest you can do to get a Phoenix. But if you want more, can you discover a Phoenix Den?

Is There A Nest For Phoenixes?

The Phoenix can’t be found in the wild like the other magical creatures you can catch in Hogwarts Legacy. On the map, there is no place called “Phoenix Den.”

How To Get Phoenix Out?

When you finish “Phoenix Rising,” a side quest from House-Elf Deek, you’ll get a phoenix. But before you can start this quest, you’ll need to have done a lot. Here are the things you need to do to make Phoenix Rising available.

  1. Take Beasts Class
  2. Take Astronomy Class
  3. Unlock Room of Requirement
  4. Complete The High Keep
  5. Complete The Plight of the House-Elf
  6. Complete Charles Rook-wood’s Trial
  7. Complete Foal of the Dead 
  8. Complete Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial

Are There More Phoenix Dens:

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can only have one Phoenix, which is a shame. When you finish all of Deek’s side quests in the Room of Requirement, you get what is thought to be the last of this kind of bird. After you finish the Niamh Fitzgerald main quest trial, you can start the Phoenix Rising quest, which lets you get a Phoenix.

After you finish this side quest and talk to Deek in the Room of Requirement again, the Phoenix will fly into the last and newest Vivarium that appears on its own. Then you can feed and care for it to get Phoenix Feathers, which you can use to improve your gear.

You might think this is your chance to go out into the universe in search of Phoenix Dens, yet none of them will show up. Even if you go back to the cave where you did the Phoenix Rising quest, there will be no one there where you got the bird. It is the only one in the game, & you can’t get any more by breeding. It’s the only animal you can’t even sell to Brood & Peck. Even if you pack it in order to bring it there, it won’t be on the list of animals the store will take.

How Do You Catch The Phoenix?

The Phoenix isn’t hard to catch at all. Once you’ve done all of these things, you’ll be allowed utilize your Nab-sack, as well as the Phoenix will follow any button prompts right away. Even if you hit it with an offensive spell by accident, it won’t fly away.

Can Phoenixes Be Breed?

It makes sense to desire more than 1¬†Phoenix in your vivariums, but there is only one Phoenix in the whole of Hogwarts Legacy. The Phoenix is a rare creature that should not be mass-produced and sold. Wasn’t that what you were thinking?


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