LADIGI Academy – High-quality Digital Marketing training center in Vietnam

LADIGI Academy is a center specializing in training and consulting solutions in the field of Digital Marketing. With the aim of helping businesses promote brand recognition and increase sales, LADIGI Academy was officially established by experienced professionals, each deploying many large projects that bring high efficiency. The courses that LADIGI Academy brings will help you to find the most practical and reasonable method for your business.

LADIGI Academy’s mission is to train a “golden generation” and answer all questions and difficulties in the field of Digital Marketing. We are confident to bring you access to industry knowledge in the right and most realistic way with your business.

In addition, LADIGI Academy is also the leading unit selected by many small and medium enterprises for the effective implementation of Digital Marketing. With LADIGI, your sales will constantly increase, but the budget is always at the best level.


Unlike current mass marketing training centers, LADIGI Academy is exactly the address for you when you want to “engage” to learn and operate in this field. During the process of learning and applying Marketing knowledge, LADIGI Academy will always accompany students and support partners in a maximum way. LADIGI Academy’s teaching staff are all experienced professionals operating professionally in the field of Digital Marketing, ready to accompany you throughout the learning process and practice. With the spirit of bringing practical and quality lessons, we always update the latest trends taking place in the market to bring you the most useful lessons.

The training programs at LADIGI Academy are suitable for all students’ needs. The right program includes you as a marketing professional, a student who wants to work in the profession or business owners who want to learn more in the field of Digital Marketing.

In addition to effective marketing solutions and consulting courses based on actual operations of businesses, LADIGI Academy is also a place to share useful information and knowledge in the same field. Here, you will receive useful and practical values ​​and knowledge.

The courses at LADIGI Academy are reasonably priced and appropriate regardless of who you are. We are always available to advise you on the best course in your budget.

Contact information

Digital Marketing Course:
Phone Number: +84 902228527
Address: 1005/42 Nguyen Kiem, Phuong 3, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam


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