Destiny 2 – Vidoc Reveals The Season Of The Hunt and Some Interesting Villains Who Are Returning

Bungie’s latest vidoc dev diary did dig enough into the most amazing and enjoyable game, Destiny 2: Beyond Light along with the seasonal content.

You will be happy as well as excited to know that there are some huge moments that the game will be bringing to all the gamers as well as fans.

You must know that there will be some spoilers that are present here. That means you may want to avoid reading it if you do not want to look at the spoilers. 

As you all know, Destiny 2: Beyond Light is soon going to kick-off the 12th season. So that is now surely be as the Season of Hunt. It is sure that you will be able to see some familiar faces after a month of its launch.

Destiny 2 – Vidoc Unveils The Season Of Hunt

You must know that the Destiny 2: Beyond Light game is by the new Fallen Kell Eramis. Also, the Season of the Hunt will be focusing on Xivu Arath who happens to be the sister of Oryx, The Hive God.

You need to know that Xivu Arath did summon Hive Cryptolyths throughout the solar system. That will include the walled garden that you can call the Dreaming City which will surely send Cabal, Hive, and other potential enemies on a rampage. 

Well, one thing is definite and that is there will be a lot to take in for all the players of Destiny 2: Beyond Light. The video also provides us a look at the Cosmodrome and how they rebuild it for the Destiny 2: Beyond Light game.

It is sure that there are already a number of people who are looking forward to playing the Destiny 2 – Vidoc game. There will be so many gamers who will be able to experience not only the excitement but also the addiction that the game offers. Destiny 2 is among the amazing and thrilling games that most gamers believe to be a must-play game.

Overall, if we sum it up together then the vidoc will be all about Bungie’s new approach to the game for setting it up in the next year. All the players and fans are going to enjoy playing Destiny 2: Beyond Light the most as soon as it will release in the next month. 


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