Denver Talks Marijuana Delivery Apps, The GrubHub or Instacart of Weed

Denver Marijuana Dispensary

The Green Rush continues.  As Florida just legalized medical marijuana, there are still many states fighting to get laws passed. One that’s ahead of the curve is America’s mile-high city. Currently raking in billions in tax revenue from their legalized dispensaries each year, the Broncos’ city is still expanding the business. The next step appears to be marijuana delivery apps, which would mean weed apps like Instagram or GrubHub, for stoners.

Why does MJ need delivery apps?

According to studies by Denver police, there’s spiked black market. still in the states for weed.  People who can purchase legally are peddling grams to visitors and people who may not want to drive to the dispensaries.    

A surprise right?  A person who likes getting stoned does not want to move, like a rock.  Apparently, this really has become big bucks for those who can manage their time better.  No to mention, some people are disabled or dealing with disabled people who need pot. Their energy may be low due to a strenuous daily routine, providing maintenance for the person.

Colorado Marijuana  Delivery Bill

Because of this black market, the state is pushing for a bill that would legalize a marijuana delivery app. This would make the health and recreational plant available to anyone without a need to move, a big help to disabled patients.

This bill  is also aim to eliminate the job of dispensary weed flippers, who make a profit selling legal weed. It could also open up a lot of new jobs in the driving career space of Colorado. App developers would also see a boom of requests locally.

If passed, the Marijuana Delivery App will only be used by medical dispensaries the first year according to Denver news (see video below).  After a successful year run, it would then become available for use by recreational Denver smoke shops.

Not Yet Passed

The delivery app bill has not been passed yet.   As usual, people cannot find common ground on the political issue.   Opposers to the bill think there’s ‘disastrous’ ground that’s not being covered by the bill, which includes some dispensary owners.

Matt Kahl, a American Army veteran is 100%  in favor of the application development. He says simply and clearly, “ There are a lot of people out there who really need it.”

The final bill will be voted on next Wednesday, April 3rd.   If passed, area government will get $1 of each marijuana deal done on the app according to Colorado’s Fox 31 news.   This would possibly create another big ‘boom’ to the Denver economy which is already hitting new ‘mile highs’ from the Green rush and oil boom.


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