Why Dell XPS 15 is much better than Apple Macbook Pro 15

In our day to day life, we are seeing different laptop brands who are promoting themselves as the users favorite. But in the crowd of so many brands, some really amazing laptops get hidden and most of the time users buy the laptops by the name of brands. If we take an example between apple and dell so without thinking most of the users will want to take apple MacBooks without knowing the real specification inside the dell laptop which is also not a bad laptop. And today I am going to show a comparison between two laptops Apple MacBook Pro 15 and Dell XPS 15.

So lets get started.

First of all the major difference between the two is about their prices, apple MacBook pro 15 is available at a price of around Rs.154190 where the Dell XPS 15 is available for around Rs.131700 and when we talk about the size of these two laptops so they are exactly similar in size and both the laptops offers 4K resolutions but let me tell you the density and the clarity in XPS 15 are much more better than the MacBook Pro 15. Also, Dell is using the traditional style keyboard inside the XPS 15 which is much better than the keyboard inside XPS 13 but apple is still using the same keyboard as in the previous MacBook. But when we talk about the battery life, so apple MacBook Pro 15 has much more battery life than the Dell XPS 15. Also, the XPS 15 has better trackpad than the MacBook pro 15. You can also further change the size of RAM in the Dell XPS but not in Apple MacBook. Also, there are many problems with the smaller size apple keyboards in the MacBook pro.

So these are the reasons why Dell XPS 15 Is much better than the Apple MacBook Pro 15.



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