Dead By Daylight Mid-Chapter Update Perk Changes

Dead By Daylight Mid-Chapter Update Perk Changes:

Dead by Daylight’s developer, Behavior Interactive, is always keeping an eye on the meta. Even though killer skills can’t change from season to season, the doesn’t used perks by both killers and survivors can.

With each mid-chapter update, the present meta, which include the most used perks, is remade and rebalanced to change how people enjoy the game. This guide shows how each perk changed in the Tools of Torment mid-chapter update.

When Does It Come Out?

Behavior Interactive has announced that the mid-chapter update for Dead by Daylight’s Tools of Torment Chapter will come out on April 18. This will add Tome 15 Ascension, a new Rift Pass, as well as a lot of post-apocalyptic and future-themed items to the game and its store.

There’s an opportunity that the new Rift Pass won’t be accessible until April 19, but that relies on how hard or easy it is to change the following perks.

List Of All Survivor Perks:

This is a list of all of the Survivor perks that are going to be changed in a certain manner in the course of the Dead by Daylight Tools of Torment mid-chapter update.

Boon Circle Of Healing

You don’t have to have played Dead by Daylight for a long time to know that this perk comes up often because it is such a good way to heal. Going forward, this perk has been modified so that survivors may no longer recover without a Med Kit.

Instead, it gives 50%, 75%, or 100% more health to survivors who help others. This bonus doesn’t work for people who use a Med-Kit to heal.

All survivors will be able to see the auras of any survivors who are inside the Circle of Healing. This makes it simple to observe when it’s time to help your fellow players.

Dead Hard:

With the Mid-Chapter update, Dead Hard begins when you are unhooked or when you unhook yourself. While the ability is active, you can run while hurt and press the ability button to get the endurance status benefit for 0.5 seconds. After that, the perk may no longer work, and you’ll get the status effect Exhausted.


At the moment, it makes it faster to fix a totem, especially a hex totem, when it is cleansed. After the update in the middle of the chapter, this perk will also work when you bless a totem, as well as the bonus to repair efficiency has gone up to 8%, 9%, or 10%.

All Killer Perks Being Reworked:

in the mid-chapter update for Tools of Torment, the following perks are being changed. All of them are used by killers.

Call Of Brine:

Over the last year, this perk is being utilized more and more because it can fully reset the generator if you are good at getting rid of survivors. After the update at the middle of the chapter, the power of Call of Brine will be cut to 115%, 120%, as well as 135% decline speed.


Right now, when a survivor loses a health state, it shows the aura of the next survivor who will get a great skill check.

After the update in the middle of the chapter, the perk will work for 30 seconds when a survivor loses a health state. During this time, a survivor’s aura is shown for 6/7/8 seconds if they get a great on a skill check.


Overcharge was another perk that has become more common in the year since Dead by Daylight came out. After the mid-chapter update, the producers’ error rate will be lowered to 130%.

The starting rate of decline has been raised to 85%, making this a useful perk. The last change to this perk is that missing a skill check now costs 2%, 3%, or 4% more than it used to.

Scourge Hook Pain Resonance:

Once the mid-chapter update comes out, this perk begins with 4 tokens. Each time you hook a victim on a Scourge Hook, you’ll spend one token.

This spent token forces the generator with the most progress to explode and start to lose progress. Also, the tiers will be changed to be 15%, 20%, as well as 25%.

Why Do Perks Get Changed In The Middle Of A Chapter Update?

In Dead by Daylight, the perks need to be changed and adjusted because they make the game interesting. If players continue to utilize the exact same perks, the game gets boring and easy to guess.

With these bonuses, both winners and killers are as good at their jobs as they can be, leaving little room for creativity.

Changing how these perks work is going to cause a stir within the community as players look for the best new perks to use. This will keep the game fun to play for decades to come.

Keep posted on the official Developer Updates page to find out what Behavior Interactive is currently working on.

About Balance Updates:

This mid-chapter update changes both the perks and the way the game works. Several powerful advantages for both killers as well as survivors have been changed: Dead Hard, Blessing: Circle of Healing, Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance, Call of Brine, as well as Overcharge.

Overzealous and Gearhead, two perks that didn’t work as well before, got a boost to make them more useful. These changes should make builds more diverse and shorten some of the long games that have been getting more popular in recent months.

To make chases more exciting, we’ve also changed the speed of self-healing as well as rebalanced all Survivor Med-Kit Items as well as Med-Kit Add-Ons so that they can only be used once before running out, though some Add-Ons can extend this to twice. This should make sure that injuries from a long run don’t heal completely in just a few seconds.


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