Damage From The Master Sword And The Best Items To Fuse Within Tears Of The Kingdom

Damage From The Master Sword And The Best Items To Fuse Within Tears Of The Kingdom:

Link loses the Master Sword early on in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It was the most powerful tool he had.

This famous and mythical tool has been in the series for a long time. There are many major story tasks that players has to finish, and one of them will finally lead them return to the Master Sword.

With the release of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, quite a few things have changed in Hyrule, but the Master Sword hasn’t.

Link’s tool that keeps away evil is back in the newest Zelda game, and it’s just as cool and powerful as it was before. Even though you can’t know for sure how much damage the Master Sword does within Tears of the Kingdom, you may gain a good idea by using it.

Even though Tears of the Kingdom has new game features, it still keeps famous Zelda elements like the Master Sword from its predecessors.

Which is a godly sword that is tied to Link’s character and has the power to stop all kinds of evil. It’s also the only tool in the game that can’t be broken, though it might run out of power if you use it too much.

When you receive the Master Sword as well as put it in your collection, it is different from the other weapons you have.

Not only may it not malfunction or run out of power if you employ it excessively, but it also doesn’t have a number adjacent to it that shows how many attacks it can do.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, this makes it hard to figure out how much harm the Master Sword does, but there’s a reason for it.

How Much Harm Does The Master Sword Do?

Just like within Breath of the Wild, the legendary Master Sword does 30 base attack damage in Tears of the Kingdom. Note that this only happens after Link gets the weapon back from the Light Dragon. It didn’t look like this before Link got it back from the Light Dragon.

You can check how much damage the blade does in-game. At least for now, the response to your question is not on the inventory page for the Master Sword.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, the Master Sword is different from other times it’s been in games because you can employ the Fuse skill on it to make it stronger. This wasn’t possible in other games where it was used.

The way this works is the same as when you put a Stone on a Stick to make an Axe.

Any resource, weapon, as well as monster part you find within Tears of the Kingdom may be fused to the Master Sword. This Fuse Attack Power increases the Master Sword’s total power, making it even more powerful and resistant to damage than it was before.

When Link has full health, he can use his Master Sword to send out disc-shaped light beams that scare away foes without having to combine any items.

If you can also wear the Champion’s Leather armor, the famous blade will continue to be capable to shoot those bullets even when Link is low on health.

Because there are numerous fusion combos, we’ve picked just a few that we think will make the Master Sword an even better tool, making it even stronger than it currently has in Tears of the Kingdom.

A Few Of The Best Fuses For The Master Sword:

Stone Talus Hearts, Boss Bokolin Horns, Lynel Horns, Lizalfos Horns, as well as Captain Construct Horns are some of our favorited ways to use the Master Sword.

You should use the highest-tier Monster Parts, which are the Black as well as Silver ones, when you need to use one. The Silver are a few of the toughest Bokolins and Lizalfos in Hyrule, but they are worth it if you want to make your Master Sword stronger.

During the pause, you can’t use the sword. It’s best not to fight enemies with your best weapon while it’s in repair mode. If you let the sword charge for 10 minutes, it should be back to how it was before.

Here is a list of things that can be fused with Link’s Master Sword to make it much stronger and last longer.

Fuse Item Fuse Attack Power
Silver Lynel Saber Horn 55
Ancient Blade 50
Gibdo Bone 40
Blue-White Frox Fang 35
Molduga Jaw 32
Diamond 25

Some things may not add much to a blade’s attack stat, but they do give it useful natural powers that can be used in battle. Here are some things to think about if you want to boost the Master Sword’s skills for your next fights within Tears of the Kingdom.

Fuse Item Effects Fuse Attack Power
Black Lizalfos Tail Whip-like attacks, extending range 26
Gleeok Wing Thrown weapons fly further than their usual range 26
Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz, Opal Extra ice, fire, electricity, and water damage One each
Muddle Bud Bursts while attacking, changes into a cloud of spores to confuse enemies One
Light Dragon’s Scale Healing properties 12
Star Fragment Extra magic damage One

Remember that even the strongest combined Master Swords will break if they are used too much. So, make sure to give the legendary blade some downtime to recover now and then, and don’t use it when it’s not necessary to keep it ready for the most important fights.

No matter what you choose, the most effective method to make the Master Sword into a powerful tool is to fuse it alongside any of these parts. Keep a few of these Monster Pieces within your collection so you can use them to boost your attacks or making the Master Sword better.

Can The Master Sword Be Broken?

Good news for Tears of the Kingdom players who were worried about whether or not the Master Sword could break such as any other weapon. Because of how it was made, the Master Sword can’t break.

That does not imply that people can always use it, though. as the Master Sword is utilised to hurt enemies, it loses energy instead of strength.

When the Master Sword’s energy starts to run low, gamers are going to see a sign that says “The Master Sword has become low on energy.”

The Master Sword is going to run out of power after just a few more hits. Even though Link’s hand no longer has the weapon, it remains in his armoury.

The Master Sword is going to be less visible on the weapons tab. When Tears of the Kingdom gamers place their mouse across the Master Sword, they will experience a delay.

The Master Sword needs 10 minutes to be fully charged and ready to use again. Players will see a message upon their screen when the Master Sword was ready.

So, players can use the Master Sword whenever they want, but they should be aware that it can go on a 10-minute rest if it is used too often.


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