New DJs in Caribbean Music Event – Sampling of Artists

We’re a few months away from summer. But spring’s arriving first, along with the famous Caribbean Musical Festival – Vujaday Barbados, and its Cast of Artist just got bigger with the addition of exciting new DJs.

Today, you can get samples of the latest DJs in Phase 2 of the 2019 cast. The new line up has recently been revealed and is now showcased in a new video by Lifestyles of the Artisan.

Many of those DJs are composer and producers. They are world renowned award winning entertainers – Checkout the Samples by lifestyles of the artisan >>>

The event starts on April 3 and last for 5 day. It’s nonstop music that traveler around the island for the different venues, just like an island safari!

Why Barbados?

There are many famous countries to try. But Caribbean islands are a top choice for many, and specifically the island of Barbados. In fact, it’s so popular that the 2019 Vujaday is going to be hosted there!

Barbados is a tiny Caribbean island nation that’s developed culturally and economically. In fact, this country has an HDI of 0.800. In a sense, it outranks many first-world countries (like South Korea, the US, etc.).

It also has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. You will find that it is extremely civil and educated. Yet, they retain a strong connection to their cultural roots.

It is a perfect getaway. You get to enjoy a stable and safe culture. Also, there’s excellent gourmet dining, luxury hotels, villas and affordable vacation rentals on the beach.

You can’t ask for more in a vacation, can you? Well yes you can. How about a world class music festival with a lineup of fantastic local musicians? After all, you shouldn’t forget that Rihanna, The Merrymen and dozens of local bands and artist originate there. Then there’s the latest Barbadian performer to be recognized on the world stage (Du-Wayne Niles), who has joined the Disney Broadway Production of The Lion King

You’ll find a festival almost every month. And an iconic one is the “Vujaday Music Festival”, hosting some accomplished musicians.

The Upcoming Vujaday Music Festival

The internationally renowned Vujaday Music Festival chose to launch its first ever Festival and Safari in Barbados in 2018. Brad Auerbach of Forbes said that Barbados was chosen as the “Ideal Location” by an experienced team who knew exactly what they were doing.

Vujaday is the brainchild of Ryan Kruger of Electronic Nation & Live Nation fame. How so? Well, the team wanted to stage a hot escape from the cold winter and Barbados checked all the boxes.

“It is a tropical paradise and strikes the right balance of natural beauty with all mod cons,” says Krugar, who explains that Vujaday is all about showcasing the magnificent island beach and its natural beauty, while enjoying “amazing events that are flawlessly executed.”

What is the Vujaday Music Festival?

It is now the second year for Vujaday, and this annual 5 day music safari is being held in Barbados. It has become synonymous with Barbados in spring.

It is very popular with locals and visitor. While thousands visit the island to be part of a unique event with dozens of artist, it is never overcrowded. It is distinctively social and professional.

Vujaday is a chance to meet locals and get to know more about this unique Caribbean island and its history. It’s also an opportunity to meet and party with other visitors to music that is created on the spot by award wining producers, artist and DJs.

The Beauty of It.

This annual event combines music, dancing, and Barbadian culture into one!

And it’s genius. Because if you think about, a big part of touring a place is exploring and blending in…

Festivals let you do just that. And when you have one that invites locals in, you get an amazing blend of multiculturalism and interesting friendships!

Another Thing…

Earlier, we mentioned that “accomplished musicians” are showing up. We should explore this a bit more…

Some top award winners are performing there. And no, it won’t be a loud and crowd “mosh pit” rock concert.

The atmosphere you’ll find is relaxing and serene!

And doesn’t that add to your vacation? What’s better than relaxing on an island, only to find top musicians there?

Need Examples and Samples?

Heard of DJ Sasha before? This Welsh record producer was voted the number 1 DJ in the world by DJ magazine, and in the year 2000. He is now writing scores for film and is an accomplished composer who still loves to be a DJ.

The entire cast deliver a medley of melodies to lift your soul.

See samples of Sasha’s work and other artists at the end of this article. The first artist sampled is Damian Lazarus as seen in the photo below.

It’s now 2019. He’s a legend in the electronic music world, and he’s showing up next festival.

He’s part of the Phase 1 lineup. And this lineup includes many other icons, such as the Bob Moses duo Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance.

Both are showing up. And if you’ve been a longtime fan so should you!

See Who is Coming

We mentioned a Phase 1 lineup. And as you’d expect, there’s also a Phase 2! The second line up includes the mystic Damian Lazarus, leading off with his soul inspired rhythms. His FB page alone has over 200K followers. And many are looking forward to his performance! His story is special, and like many music artist he’s music is inspired by spiritual and symbolic narratives. So in a way, he lives up to his name in sprit and nature.

And, how about New York’s “Danny Tengalia”?

He’s a world renowned DJ. He’s a Grammy nominated records producer, with “3 international dance music awards” under his belt.

Quality Music – For Real

The list is long, and it is intriguing.

A plethora of true music lovers are showing up at the event. Plus, they’re all true lovers of music!

Vujaday music has a popular and growing following as a world culture event. It attracts passionate music and lovers.

Even the artists showing up are unique. They’re masters of their craft. The music they produce is unique, shape shifting with the audience. It is worth a vacation!

Is That it for Barbados?

Absolutely not.

There’s a reason why the Vujaday Music Festival is held there. That is, the location is pristine, and the people are friendly!

It’s one of the world’s most peaceful places. Also, it’s one of the most environmentally healthy places on the planet. So you’re far away from the stress of civilization. You won’t find factories, ruined coastlines, and a population of stressed people.

Only a Few Weeks Left to Vujaday

Our verdict is, Vujaday is what you need to relax. And hey – you can head there and not participate in the festival if you want. You might be a loner that prefers to relax alone. And that’s fine – but let the festival give you some perspective.

You’ll have an amazing experience to share for decades!

Caribbean Vujaday Barbados – Top DJ Samples Available Now

The festival will start on April 3rd 2019. But you can see and hear the new artists now with this sampling of their work. Visit the link above to hear and see the fascinating phase 2 artists you will meet in Barbados. They include UK producer and Crosstown Rebels founder Damian Lazarus, German “Super House” duo Andhim, New York Grammy nominated producer Danny Tenaglia, Fitness & Pony standout from the 2018, California Papa Lu, Hong-Kong Gaby Endo, and Roger Silver – the New York City producer and deep house DJ.


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