Canadian Media Start-up is Making Noise in the Tech Sector

A new Social Media start-up is gaining traction in Canada. iTribe Social Inc. has begun a unique initiative in aiding the tech sector via disruptive media content and campaign with the aid of Canadian Municipal Government. 

The Campaign is focused around providing media to innovative technology companies taking part in the upcoming Collision Conference 2019 being hosted in Toronto. Collision Conference is the fastest growing tech conference in North America and marks a massive undertaking by iTribe Social Inc. The campaign consists of weekly social videos published across multiple techs, and government social feeds to gain much-needed exposure for these companies in the online social world.

To further the initiative of growth within the local tech sector, iTribe Social Inc. is currently in discussion to provide a campaign to push economic development, growth, and talent acquisition for companies in need.

“Talent acquisition is a huge points of pain for these companies. They have great culture, great jobs, and great opportunities, but have been communicating in all the wrong ways.” Says Michael D. Smith, Co-Founder and Creative Director of iTribe Social Inc. “We have time-tested that are agile and flexible to any industry. We are bringing cinematic media in various strategic forms to maximize their visibility in the landscape.”

With a unique value proposition being geared towards tech industry needs, it’s no wonder this start-up is making so much noise. Michael goes on to say:

“Brand trust is one of the main concerns moving into the 2019 landscape. Video content has proven time-and-time again to build brand trust and affinity like no other medium available. We are proud to be helping these companies make their mark with signature disruptive video content.”

Toad even more fuel to the fire, iTribe Social Inc was recently vetted by Forbes Council and extended formal invitation to join the Agency Council and Coaching Council. iTribe Social Inc.’s tagline is simply “Disruptive media is what we do.”, it would also seem they are also being disruptive within the media.


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