Bully Voice Actor Comments On Bully 2 Rumors

As you know that there are several rumors that are currently howling all over social media about Bully 2, the Bully voice actor Gerry Rosenthal did comment on the rumors.

Yes, Gerry did comment on the Bully 2 rumors by reaffirming that if Rockstar Games is all set to make a sequel of the franchise then they have not been in contact with him.

He also assures all the fans as well as critiques that he does not know anything or has no update about the Rockstar Games making the sequel. 

You must know that it was around 2019 when the rumors did start appearing from out of nowhere along with several leaks about the Bully 2 series.

The Bully 2 rumors as well as leaks did manage to lead the fans and followers to believe that the Rockstar Games are finally at work on making the sequel to the title that did release in 2006.

However, as the year turns, the rumors and leaks have been beginning to fade or vanish in vain. 

The Bully 2 rumors are surely not flooding over the internet just the same as it did last year. But you must know about one person who can not escape the rumors and leaks.

Yes, we are talking about Gerry Rosenthal who happens to be the amazing and talented voice behind Jimmy Hopkins.

As per the comments of Gerry Rosenthal, the Rockstar Games did not approach him yet for the sequel and he has no current knowledge of whether the Bully 2 franchise will be approaching him or not in the near future.

There are so many fans and followers who have been eagerly waiting to know about the release date or at least some major updates about the confirmation of the sequel. 


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