Blizzard Veterans Launch Frost Giant Studios To Create New RTS Game

It is sure that you must have heard of these two amazing former Blizzard Developers, Tim Campbell and Tim Morten who did team up recently.

They did team up in order to serve the main purpose and that is the creation of the big Real-Time Strategy game. Yes, Campbell and Morthen are up for their next challenge to create a new strategic game for the new company, Frost Giant Studios. 

As you now know that the brand new studio that Campbell and Morten are heading did manage to raise $4.7 million for their very first project.

The company did manage to earn a huge amount of profit with the help of organizations such as Riot Games and Bitkraft Ventures. In order to gain popularity, the company had to wait for some time but eventually, it was all over the gaming industry.

You must have surely heard the name of Tim Campbell who happens to be the original lead campaign designer of one of the most amazing games, Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.

While TIme Morten was the production director of the most exciting game, Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void. At the time of an interview, both of them did reveal and explain the process of the new studio along with their only goal of creating a Real-Time Strategy Game so that all the players will like it. 

Tim Morten says, “In order to build another brand-new RTS, it felt like the opportunity to do it externally was too good to pass up.” While on the other side, there was a Youtube Video from Frost Giant Studios which introduces the team of developers.

Tim Campbell, now a game director at Frost Giant says, “Frost Giant is the first opportunity to really get back to the roots of the type of game that I love playing.”


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