Baidu Stock Rises On The Release Of A ChatGPT-Style AI Bot

Baidu Stock Rises On The Release Of A ChatGPT-Style AI Bot:

Baidu stock jumped on Tuesday as the Chinese search engine giant announced the launch of its own ChatGPT-style service. A spokeswoman for the company told CNN on Tuesday that their artificial intelligence chat-bot, dubbed “Wenxin Yiyan” in Chinese and “ERNIE Bot” in English, would be live in March. The technology is presently being tested internally.

ERNIE, which stands for “Enhanced Representation via Knowledge Integration,” is founded on a language model created by Baidu (BIDU) in 2019. According to the spokesman, the ERNIE project has grown since then, enabling users to produce poetry and papers or utilize text suggestions to automatically make graphics. It is now on its third iteration.

Language Models Need Massive Amounts Of Data Available Online:

Language models are developed on massive amounts of data available online in order to provide persuasive replies to user inquiries.

In recent days, news of Baidu’s entry into the hot generative AI space has boosted Chinese AI-related stocks ranging from Beijing Deep Glint Technology Co. to Cloud-walk Technology Co. The frenzy reflects rising investor interest in Open-AI’s ChatGPT, which has attracted large investments from companies such as Microsoft Corp. Aside from Baidu, a rising number of major and small enterprises are rushing to catch up to the startup in the suddenly hot area of AI services.

Ernie will be first integrated into China’s leading search engine company’s major search offerings. The tool will provide users with conversational search results, similar to Open-AI’s popular platform.

Google Just Revealed It’s New A.I Program “BARD”:

Baidu’s announcement, which confirms previous claims, comes as Microsoft-backed ChatGPT has grown in popularity. Google just unveiled Bard A. I., a similar service.

According to Baidu, Ernie is for “Enhanced Representation via Knowledge Integration,” and it is a “big language model” that was released in 2019. “What differentiates ERNIE from other language models is its integration of broad knowledge with enormous data, resulting in remarkable comprehension and generating skills,” according to Baidu.

Baidu Has Invested Billion’s Of Dollar In A.I Research:

Baidu has invested billions of dollars on artificial intelligence research in a multi-year attempt to migrate from online marketing to deeper technologies. Its Ernie system, a huge machine-learning model built on data over many years, will serve as the basis for its future ChatGPT-like application.

BARD Is Accessible To “Trusted Testers” On Monday:

The corporation did not say how the tool will look or if it would be available via its renowned search engine. CEO Sundar Pichai also said Bard was made accessible to “trusted testers” on Monday, with intentions to make it open to the general public “in the coming weeks.”

Bard, like ChatGPT, which was publicly published in late November by AI market researcher Open-AI, is based on a massive language model.

ChatGPT Will Be Featured In Microsoft’s Press Presentation Tomorrow:

You may not need to wait long to find out how Microsoft & OpenAI strengthen their partnership. Microsoft has confirmed preparations for a 1PM Eastern event tomorrow at its Redmond headquarters (invitations were sent out last week). The firm will only state that CEO Satya Nadella will reveal information on some “interesting initiatives,” although the integration of ChatGPT into Bing & additional applications of the conversational AI technology are likely.

Microsoft Already Invested $10 Billion In OpenAI In January:

Microsoft decided to spend $10 billion in OpenAI in January, making it one of the biggest startup investments in history. Furthermore, less than 3 months into 2023, many generative AI firms have raised or are in discussions to raise upwards of $700 million in total, according to financing round reports. The Homebrew AI Club, an organisation meant as a gathering place for AI employees, has a running list of more than 150 firms in the industry.

Microsoft Has Already Invested Much In The Open-AI Ecosystem:

Microsoft has already made significant investments in the Open-AI ecosystem, including a DALL-E graphic design software, a natural language programming tool, and a Teams Premium service that includes AI translations and chapters. ChatGPT will also be available in Azure cloud services, and Microsoft has just published a GPT-based text generator trained on medical literature. However, the rumored Bing addition may be its most visible Open-AI partnership to date. According to rumors, Microsoft’s search engine will integrate ChatGPT to provide conversational-style replies to requests. Instead of cards as well as a list of search results, you could receive precisely what you need.

In 2019, Microsoft Made Its First Investment In Open-AI:

Microsoft made its first investment in Open-AI in 2019, and it plans to make another in 2021. It agreed to a “multi-billion-dollar” contract last month, which is unofficially estimated to be worth $10 billion over many years.

Microsoft and Google are both under pressure. While Google was originally hesitant to make its description-based AI available to the public, rumors indicate that the firm changed its mind after perceiving ChatGPT as a danger to its search business. Meanwhile, Microsoft has traditionally had difficulty competing in search & faces stiff competition in both the cloud & productivity markets. Open-AI’s technology potentially provides Microsoft a competitive edge that Google and others may not be able to duplicate for some time.

Earlier this year, Chief Technology Officer Haifeng Wang emphasized the significance of deep learning as the foundation of artificial intelligence, saying it had “increasingly significant potential.”

“You can perform many critical jobs of a film production if you can use these content creation talents to the utmost degree,” Hua Wu, Chairwoman of Baidu Technology Committee, remarked of artificial intelligence created material during the event.

ChatGPT Has Been Used To Write Stories, Songs, And Answers:

ChatGPT has been used to produce articles, tales, and song lyrics, as well as to answer topics that may have previously been looked for on Google, the dominating search engine.

In A Shrinking, Job-Cutting IT Sector, AI Is A Rare Bright Light:

Generative AI firms, so dubbed because of their capacity to create new material from digital troves of text, photographs, and art, are garnering large amounts of venture funding. According to Pitch-book statistics, they raised around $920 million in the United States in 2022, a 35% increase over the previous year.

Microsoft (MSFT) is also investing heavily in Open-AI. Details of the investment will be unveiled later on Tuesday, with Ives estimating that it would be in the $10 billion area.

In a Monday letter, he said the transaction “is a game changer in our view for Nadella & Co since the ChatGPT bot is one of the most advanced AI technologies in the world today.” He was referring to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Global Financial Markets Have Embraced ChatGPT:

The ChatGPT concept has also grabbed global financial markets, pushing up shares of any AI-related company. Since the Lunar New Year holidays, investors in Chinese shares have embraced the theme, even as the current reopening-fueled rise in the wider market started to fade last week.

“The market loves to bet on far-fetched concepts like these,” added Wu Wei, fund manager at Beijing Win Integrity Investment Management Co. “When it’s merely existing funds rotating within sectors, these transactions are destined to go as swiftly as they arrived, leaving individual investors to pocket the losses.”


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