Axe Of Godrick Or Grafted Dragon For Elden Ring’s Grafted Remembrance?

Axe Of Godrick Or Grafted Dragon For Elden Ring’s Grafted Remembrance?

In Elden Ring, the bosses are powerful enemies, and when you beat some of the strongest ones, they drop special items. For example, Godrick drops the rare item Remembrance of the Grafted, which you can use on your journeys.

Some of the tools he utilized against you in the battle, like the Axe of Godrick as well as the Grafted Dragon, will be available to you.

But you are limited to using one, so the other one goes missing unless you make a copy of it. In the Elden Ring, should you select the Axe of Godrick or the Grafted Dragon?

Within Elden Ring, players have a nearly limitless number of options that could change how they play. While trying to figure out what’s going on in a world that’s falling apart, players must choose which skills to level up, which NPCs to talk to, and which weapons or play styles to use.

People who haven’t gone to the Land Between yet might find it scary, but many of these choices can be changed and made over again.

Remembrance Of The Grafted:

Players get Godrick’s Great Rune and the Remembrance of the Grafted when they beat Godrick the Grafted. Players get these memories when they beat certain bosses, and they can trade them in for different pieces of gear or spells. This is like boss souls in other games from FromSoftware.

In the Roundtable Hold, the Remembrance of the Grafted is able to be turned into Enia, the Finger Reader. You can buy this memento in two different ways. The Axe of Godrick is the first, and the Grafted Dragon is the second.

Godrick’s Axe:

This strong greataxe mostly scales with strength and skill. You need 34 strength as well as 22 agility to use this tool with one hand.

Players can reach the level limit with a mix of talismans that boost their attributes, but that is not advised because the weapon’s strength and agility scale with damage.

Godrick’s Axe Needs 24 Strength To Use:

Players with just as 24 strength are able to utilize the weapon with both hands because two-handed weapons give a 50% boost to strength.

This greataxe has a unique weapon picture that says, “I Command Thee, Kneel” It also sends out an area-of-effect shockwave or earthquake that hurts people nearby. It can’t be charged, so Godrey’s Icon doesn’t help it, but the Shard of Alexander would make it do more damage.

Dragon Graft:

The patched dragon is the other choice. This is a hand weapon that mostly scales with strength, but also has small scales for agility and faith.

The Grafted Dragon Need 20 Strength To Use:

The Grafted Dragon can’t be used with two hands similar to the Axe of Godrick, so you need 20 strength to use it. Also, to use this tool, a player must have 14 agility and 16 faith.

“Bear Witness!” is the Grafted Dragon’s unique weapon art. In it, the player lifts the dragon into the air and makes it spread fire over a large area within front of them. It does burn damage over time, but it doesn’t do much harm.

Which Is Better?

People who are trying to decide between the two guns should know that they can get both of them by getting an extra Remembrance of the Grafted from one of the Walking Mausoleums that are spread out across the Lands Between.

There are only a few of these mausoleums, so if you want to get every boss firearm, skill, or piece of armor, you’ll have to finish the game again with the same character and go to Journey No. 2.

The grafted dragon was the better choice because it gives you a good tool you can use with your off-hand that will cause damage over time. Unlike the Axe of Godrick, it doesn’t have as high of an ability requirement to use.

If You Don’t Want To Waste Too Many Levels As Well As Skills Then Take Grafted Dragon:

If you don’t want to spend too many levels on skills you don’t use, the grafted dragon could be a good choice, especially for intelligence- or faith-based designs.

The weapon art on the Axe of Godrick is pretty good, but its rating at +10 is pretty bad for a boss weapon, and it won’t do as much damage as some other firearms discovered later in the game when it’s strengthened to +10 or +25.


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