April 2023 World of Tanks Codes

April 2023 World of Tanks Codes:

World of Tanks is considered one of the most famous MMOs of all time, and it has the most people online at the same time.

Wargaming, the company that made the game, has dropped codes that may be utilized on the PC version of the game. This has helped promote the game while keeping players interested.

Players can use these codes to get free tanks, leaders, XP, money, and tasks, among other things. Here was a list of all the World of Tanks codes that can be used to get money, points, extra, and other things.

World of Tanks was a very popular MMO action game where players work together to fight in armed combat vehicles. If you want to do well on this online battlefield, you need the greatest tank leaders, money, experience (XP), and many other things that will make you a better fighter.

World of Tanks is a multiplayer online MMO that is played with a team. It was made by Wargaming. In the game, players use tanks to destroy the cars of their opponents and try to take over their base.

It uses the freemium business model, which means that players can pay real money to get different things in the game. But the makers of World of Tanks sometimes give out codes that players may utilize to get free things like money, premium, XP, and a lot more.

List Of Codes:

Code Reward Active/Expired
EXTRACANDLES 6 Candles Active
STPATOGHBNS Free XP and Cosmetics Active
SPEN5T5 2x +50% Combat XP Booster, 6x Emblem Snake 2, and 6x Emblem Quadrifoil Active
SPEJ5F1 2x +50% Combat XP Booster, 4x Chocolate, and 3x Golden Horseshoe Decal Active
SPEW6G5 2x +200% combined Crew and Free XP Booster, 4x Pudding and Tea, and 3x Emblem Shamrock Active

How To Use Codes Inside Of The Game:

  1. Go through the official World of Tanks website as well as click the “Create Account” button in the top right corner.
  2. Click the ‘Have an access code?’ link on this page.
  3. Just below the link, a writing box will appear. Type in the code precisely as it appears above.
  4. Finish signing up, then click the “Continue” button.
  5. When you log in to the game, you’ll get prizes.

What Do These Numbers Mean?

As we talked about at the start, World of Tanks codes can be redeemed for free in-game things like XP, money, credits, and more. They will help you on your game trip and make your money and items in the game better.

Also, they will speed up your progress a lot. So, whether you’re just beginning out or have been participating for a long time, entering these codes can give you a big boost.

How Are Invite Codes Different From Bonus Codes?

The primary distinction between invite codes as well as bonus codes is that invite codes are for new players and give them gifts, while bonus codes are for everyone.

How Can I Get More Codes For World Of Tanks?

Check the official Facebook page, Discord server, or Twitter account to find out about all the WoT codes. If you want all the information within one place, save this page as well as check back to see if anything has changed.

What Is World Of Tanks?

World of Tanks was a famous online action game with a lot of players that focuses on team fights.

Light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, as well as self-propelled guns are the different types of tanks that players can control. When you win, you’ll get XP, money, and a lot of other things.


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