April 2023 Roblox Driving Empire Codes

April 2023 Roblox Driving Empire Codes:

At the Roblox Experience Driving Empire, players can drive around a beautiful city in a wide range of vehicles, from super cars to airplanes. These codes are a great way to give your bank account a little boost so you can pay for car shows and races.

If you play Driving Empire on Roblox often and are looking for current Driving Empire codes to get extra cash, cars, and wraps, you are on the right page. We’ll give you a list of all the driving empire codes that still work.

Roblox Driving Empire used to be called Way-fort, but the creators have decided that Driving Empire is a better name for the game. Since Roblox Way-fort has stopped being regularly updated with fresh codes, all new codes are going to be listed on this page.

Most of the time, these codes will give you cash, but sometimes they can also give you a special wrap for your car. Keep in mind that the codes may end, so make sure to check back often as well as enter the codes as quickly as you can.

List Of Codes:

Code Reward Active/Expired
600kL1kes 50k Cash Active [Latest]
550kLIK3S 50k Cash Active [Latest]
500kLik3s Bedazzled Wrap Active [Latest]
450KL1KES 25k Cash Active

How To Use Codes In The Game:

Follow the instructions below to get free rewards in-game when you enter a code. With such codes, you may earn in-game currency that you can use to improve your car, beat other players inside races, or redeem for an in-game prize.

  • Open Driving Empire
  • Press the Twitter sign in the lower left corner.
  • Type in the number.
  • Press ‘Redeem’.

What Are The Empire Codes For Roblox?

Codes within Driving Empire are words and sentences given by Empire Games, the game’s creator. When entered in-game, players get things like in-game cash that can be used to buy new gear or exclusive cars and wraps.

Why Don’t My Codes Work?

In Driving Empire, the most common reason why codes don’t work is that users typed them in wrong. Most Roblox games have case-sensitive codes, so copying and pasting the codes from this website is the best way to make sure they work.

When a code has passed its expiration date, the game tells you when you attempt to enter it that “This code has passed its expiration date.”

If it says something else when you attempt to enter the code, that means it is still valid. If it hasn’t ended and you’re sure you typed it in right, it’s likely that you’ve utilized that code.

What Can You Do With Driving Empire Codes On Roblox?

From the list of codes, you can see that most of the time you’ll get cash, but sometimes you’ll get skin wraps instead.

Cars have also been given away with the help of special-occasion codes. But if you want to add more cars to your collection, cash is the most important thing you’ll need.

Additional Methods To Get A Reward For Nothing:

Even though current codes are the fastest way to get cash within Driving Empire, there are many additional methods to make the most money possible. You can also get cash by getting in-game awards, completing tasks, getting daily prizes, or even winning in-game races.

What Is The Driving Empire On Roblox?

Driving Empire is a game that was once called Way-fort and was made by Empire Games. After Way-fort got a lot of loyal players, the name was changed to Driving Empire, which better describes what the game is about driving.

In the game, your goal is to save up money from races, driving, and tasks to buy the newest and best cars. You can choose from many different kinds of cars, boats, and motorbikes.

List Of Cars You Can Drive In Game:

Name Top Speed Acceleration (0-60 mph) Handling Price
1964 Mighty Midget(1964 Peel P50) 38 mph 9.1 seconds 31% $500
1995 BKM S3 LW(1995 BMW M3 Lightweight) 162 mph 4.8 seconds 44% $126,996
2020 Louti Decretar(2020 Lotus Exige 430 Cup) 173 mph 3.2 seconds 56% $127,850
2010 BKM S3 GTR(2010 BMW M3 GTS) 190 mph 4 seconds 46% $129,996
1969 Bullet Buffalo(1969 Dodge Charger R/T) 144 mph 5.5 seconds 28% $149,992
2022 Prancep 4.0 Touring(2022 Porsche 911 GT3 Touring) 198 mph 2.9 seconds 47% $218,960
2001 BKM S3 GTR(2001 BMW M3 GTR Strassenversion) 187 mph 3.9 seconds 47% $298,545
1984 Cavallo T412(1993 Ferrari 512 TR) 192 mph 4.4 seconds 45% $369,992
1959 Echo Noob Buster(1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Ghostbuster ) 129 mph 5.6 seconds 27% $471,920
2011 Prancep 4.0R(2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0) 195 mph 3.6 seconds 64% $599,855
2022 Ziblinglo GT A1 Edition(2022 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series P One Edition) 202 mph 2.5 seconds 82% $829,700
2017 Labhrann 888PS(2017 McLaren 675LT MSO HS) 206 mph 2.9 seconds 74% $888,888
1981 DeFuture T88(1981 DMC Delorean [Back to the Future]) 88 mph 5.6 seconds 41% $1,777,776
2012 Lexa ETA Nurburgring(2012 Lexus LFA Nürburgring Package) 201 mph 3.5 seconds 70% $2,169,996
2012 Vision Helios Enraged(2012 Gumpert Apollo Enraged) 227 mph 2.8 seconds 81% $2,798,996
2020 Labhrann Ayrton CANAM(2019 McLaren Senna Can-Am) 220 mph 2.4 seconds 79% $3,456,996
2019 Ballinglo Siron 110 Anniversario(2019 Bugatti Chiron Sport 110 ANS) 265 mph 2.5 seconds 40% $4,568,996
2019 Egg Ghoul(2019 Koenigsegg Regera Ghost Package) 255 mph 2.6 seconds 60% $5,555,555
1986 Prancep R2 Ressurect(1986 Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar) 184 mph 3.7 seconds 51% $5,869,505
2020 Ballinglo Siron MK Edition(2020 Bugatti Chiron Hermès Edition) 265 mph 2.5 seconds 40% $6,500,000
2020 Vision Evolucion(2022 Apollo Project Evo) 217 mph 2.4 seconds 83% $6,517,810
2015 Labhrann B1 GTR(2015 McLaren P1 LM Prototype) 225 mph 2.7 seconds 85% $6,959,699
2023 Egg Jem(2021 Koenigsegg Gemera) 247 mph 2.3 seconds 55% $7,317,800
2018 Egg Thor(2018 Koenigsegg Agera Final Edition “Thor”) 285 mph 2.5 seconds 78% $7,999,996
2024 Ballinglo Mythal(2023 Bugatti W16 Mistral) 278 mph 2.3 seconds 70% $8,156,900
2022 Egg Hydra(2022 Koenigsegg Jesko Hydra) 289 mph 2.4 seconds 87% $9,999,996
2018 Mottzor Cravatzin(2017 W Motors Lykan HyperSport) 245 mph 2.8 seconds 82% $12,485,600
2023 Ballinglo Centonze(2022 Bugatti Centodieci) 262 mph 2.2 seconds 87% $13,255,960
2022 Pegasus Breeze(2022 Pagani Huayra Codalunga) 230 mph 2.7 seconds 52% $14,600,000


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