April 2023 Roblox Anime Souls Simulator Codes

April 2023 Roblox Anime Souls Simulator Codes:

Roblox Anime Souls Simulator was a game where players can gather their best anime characters as well as fight some of the worst bad guys from those shows. All you have to do is click a lot, so you could become the strongest player within the game.

This is Anime Souls Simulator. This Roblox game is a collecting game inspired by anime. The goal is to build a strong army of fighters by beating NPCs, bosses, and finishing tasks to gain levels and souls.

Who Made The Anime Simulator On Roblox?

Roblox Anime Souls Simulator was made by Anime Shadow Studio for the Roblox app. In this game, you’ll be able to collect anime heroes from different worlds and send them out to kill bad guys for souls as well as energy.

You may utilize these currencies to buy new characters and build a strong team. Try to make the best fighting team possible so you can take on whatever the game provides.

List Of Codes:

Code Reward Active/Expired
mathbeautiful 15 Passive Rolls, 15 Potions, and 20 Coins Active (Latest)
90klikes 10 Passive Rolls, 10 Potions, and 20 Coins Active (Latest)
update13 Free rewards Active (Latest)
defenseveryop Free Defense Tickets Active
leozimbeautiful Free rewards Active
update12 Free rewards Active
meteorshowers Free rewards Active


Roblox codes are case-sensitive, meaning you must copy the code precisely as it looks in the table, with exactly the same capital letters, numbers, and symbols, or the code won’t work when you try to claim it.

How To Enter Codes In The Game:

Follow the instructions below to get free rewards in-game when you enter a code. With these free prizes, you can buy more resources to make your character stronger, which will make it easier to beat your opponent as well as win some in-game awards.

If you’re new to this game, these codes will help you do better.

  • On your device, launch the Roblox Anime Souls Simulator.
  • Click the button above the line on the left side of the screen.
  • Copy one of the above codes and paste it into the “Enter Code” box.
  • Click the button to the right of where it shows “Enter Code.”

Why Don’t My Codes Work?

Your Anime Souls Simulator codes might not work for more than one reason. The codes might have been written wrong or might be missing spaces.

The best way to make sure you enter your codes properly is to copy them from the website’s list as well as put them straight into the game. The codes sometimes only work for a certain amount of time.

These codes could be given out by developers on holidays or other special days, but they are not available forever. Always use your codes as quickly as possible so you never miss out on free stuff again.

What Are Codes For The Anime Souls Simulator?

When it comes to codes as well as games such as Anime Souls Simulator, you are going to discover that they usually give you free prizes that let you move forward in the game.

Most of the time, you can only use these once, so don’t claim them until you’re ready to get the most out of them. You should also use them quickly because they can run out.

How Many Times Can You Use An Anime Souls Simulator Code?

Some Anime Souls Simulator codes can only be used once per account. If you have previously utilized a code as well as try to utilize it once more, it will not work, as well as the game will notify you you’ve previously used the code.

How Long Do These Codes Last For Anime Souls Simulator?

Some Anime Souls Simulator codes can be used forever, while others are capable of being utilized a certain number of times or for a brief period of time. If a code is permanent and doesn’t have an expiration date, a player can only use it once at any time.

Time-sensitive or time-limited The makers decide when the codes for Anime Souls Simulator will run out. After the time has passed, you aren’t going to allowed to use these passes.

When Will There Be New Codes For Anime Souls Simulator?

There is no fixed time. It relies on the people who make the game. Most companies release new gift codes one time a week, typically on the weekend, Monday, or Friday.

Some makers give out new gift codes around holidays. For example, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Labour Day, Independence Day, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, etc.

What Does The Anime Souls Simulator Do?

Anime Shadows Studio made a game called “Anime Souls Simulator” for the Roblox platform. The players guide their figures via the game within search of souls as well as energy, which are two important game elements.

Their friends are cartoon figures from many different worlds that the players can buy with resources. The main goal is to build a strong team of fighters and employ them to fight through waves of bad guys while their stats improve as the game goes on.


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