April 2023 Roblox Anime Dimensions Codes

April 2023 Roblox Anime Dimensions Codes:

Inside the world of Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator, you are about to go on an epic journey. Imagine that having the power and authority of anime characters and being able to explore and take over different anime dimensions, each of which has its own enemies and challenges.

In Roblox Anime Dimensions, players can go to a lot of different anime worlds. In these worlds, players can collect classic characters and fight bosses that look like the bad guys from anime.

Players can also use codes in Roblox Anime Dimensions to help them on their journeys and in boss fights. The Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator lets you make an anime character who will travel through different dimensions and well-known anime worlds.

You can fight and try to beat characters from these popular anime, collect characters, open up more dimensions, and level up your character with cards from those dimensions. There are a lot of things you can do, like fight titans in a mediaeval fantasy land or Frieza, a bad guy from outer space.

All of these come with Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator codes that you are able to utilize for things like gems, raid tokens, as well as boosts to help you on your journey.

List Of Codes:

Code Reward Active/Expired
HUNDRED 300 Gems and free boosts Active (NEW CODE)
15VI9O 100 Gems and boosts Active
1TO57NJURO 100 Gems and boosts Active
WO1R58LD 100 Gems and boosts Active
WANO Gems and boosts Active
1S5LAYER5 Gems and boosts Active
1WA5TE6R Gems and boosts Active
SUN Gems and boosts Active
1Y5ZEN3 Gems and boosts Active
C1URS52ED Gems and boosts Active
WORLD Gems and boosts Active
SA1G5E1 Gems and boosts Active
BANKAI Gems and boosts Active
HA1T50SU Gems and boosts Active
1AL4TE9R Gems and boosts Active
1PRIES4TESS8 Gems and boosts Active
NEWYEAR Gems and boosts Active
GIFT Gems and boosts Active
1J4I4N Gems and boosts Active
1FIE45ND Gems and boosts Active
ULTRA Gems, tokens, boosts Active
PO1CHIT42 100 gems, all boosts Active
1CHA4INS3AW 100 gems, all boosts Active
1N40OMI Gems and boost Active
RED139 Gems and boost Active
1OB38I Gems and boost Active
CHAINSAW2 100 gems, all boosts Active
CHAINSAW Gems, Raid Tokens, and a boost! Active
HALLOWEEN Gems, tokens, boost! Active
13SH7RINE Gems, tokens, boost! Active
BEAST Various tokens and boosts Active
TOB1U35 100 gems and boosts Active
1CY3BO2RG 100 gems and boosts Active
SEASON2 100 gems, 100 tokens, all boosts for 30 minutes Active
BA131KUBRO 100 free gems and all other boosts Active
E1MP2EGROR 100 gems, 100 raid tokens, and various other boosts Active
1RAMU2RA7 100 free gems and all other boosts Active
NOJ1280 100 free gems and all other boosts Active
M10C3H0I 100 free gems and all other boosts Active
MO1NA2RC9H 100 free gems and all other boosts Active

How To Redeem Codes In Game:

Follow the instructions below to get free rewards in-game when you enter a code. With these rewards, you can make your character strong as well as beat titans to get rewards in-game.

  1. Start the Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator on your gadget.
  2. Click the Twitter button in the upper left corner.
  3. A pop-up will appear where you can enter the codes.
  4. Enter any work and click “Redeem” to get a reward.

Why Don’t My Codes Work?

The people who make Anime Dimensions have full control over all of the codes. Some codes end very quickly, others could last for a long time. If you find a code that doesn’t work, it could be because of a spelling mistake, because the code only works for a short time, or because the code has already run out.

To fix that problem, add this page to your bookmarks and check back often to determine whether Anime Dimensions had also added an additional code.

What Are The Codes For Anime Dimensions?

These are free gifts from the developer that can be traded in-game for boosts, tokens, pet rolls, and other cool free stuff. For milestones as well as updates, which the game gets pretty often, new codes are dropped.

How Are You Given Gems?

In Anime Dimensions, the correct method to get gems is to finish all of your everyday quests. Every day at 5 p.m. PT, these reset, so make sure to do all five challenges every day. If you do them all, you get a bonus, so it’s worth it.

Another simple option to get gems is to use codes. Make sure to use them before they expire. If you have a high-level friend, you could let them carry out the work in harder fights in order to level up and do harder things.

What Do The Codes For Anime Dimensions Do?

If you don’t know what Anime Dimensions Codes do or what they give you, it’s simple. When you enter a code for Anime Dimensions, you get things like boosts, gems, as well as raid tokens.

Boosts make it easier for players to get more gold, XP, as well as drops. You can buy heroes as well as costumes with gems, and you can buy things from the raid shop with raid tokens.

How Are You Given Extra Stuff?

In Anime Dimensions, you have to perform a level on the Nightmare difficulty to get accessories. When you make a game, the rewards panel will show you the items you can earn. You have a mere 1% chance of getting one after the round is over, so be prepared to grind a lot.

The Best Character To Play As First:

For people who have never played Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator before, it can be hard to choose a “starter character.” But we think Roku is the best character to start with. Roku has a good mix of power and quickness, so he could be good at a lot of different ways to play.

What Is Anime Dimensions?

Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator is an exciting simulation game on the Roblox platform where players could indeed explore anime dimensions and find new adventures.

With its fast-paced action as well as fun game play, players can get lost in a world that looks like anime. The Anime Dimensions Simulator on Roblox has something for everyone, whether you want a quick burst of fun or a longer game.


How Do I Quickly Level Up?

Play every game mode you can to quickly complete daily challenges, and make sure to mash by having killed quite so many enemies as you can.

Which Anime Dimensions Heroes Are The Best?

Kodotoki, Meguretsu, and Ramura are a few of the best heroes.


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