Apple iPhone 8 expected to come with massive Display resolution in latest leaks

iPhone 8 display has arguably become the most debated real estate in tech industry as of now. Whether it’s due to placement of fingerprint sensor beneath it, or due to its bezel-less design, this thing keeps the discussion going. And since Apple likes to keep people guessing, unlike other companies in the industry it doesn’t offer even a slightest clue to anyone about its plans. But despite company’s secrecy efforts iPhone 8 leaks have been doing rounds more frequently than those of any other Apple product till date. Two days ago we had heard about possible release schedule of this hotly anticipated Apple gadget, and now a new report has emerged possibly giving info about the display resolution of iPhone 8.

That’s right. According to latest reports iPhone 8 is expected to come with a display resolution as high as 1,342 x 2,800 pixels. Before we understand how such a massive resolution is possible in a phone, we need to understand how Apple has done it historically.

Apple’s Game of Pixels

Apple uses pixel doubling and even tripling to increase the resolution of its displays depending on the nature of device. The technique requires (sort of) fooling the apps by reporting half of actual resolution in each dimension. This does the trick of keeping content size reasonable according to screen but increasing the sharpness at same time, because four – nine pixels collectively make up what one would’ve made. Four pixels in case of doubling, nine in case of tripling.

For example, iPhone 7 shows the resolution of 357 x 667 pixels in analytics. But after doubling, it translates to effective resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels. iPhone 7 Plus is more complicated, because it is detected as 414 x 736 pixels in analytics, but effectively translates to 1242 x 2208 pixels after tripling.

Mind it – Apple has got some of the brightest engineering minds in its campuses!

The Case of iPhone 8

The latest information has come from Macrumors . Since that site has earned quite some respect in Apple ecosystem, it often receives traffic directly from Apple headquarters. And since last month it has been receiving hits from an unknown Apple iPhone running iOS 11 with display resolution of 387 x 812 pixels. This resolution, when tripled, translates roughly to a native resolution of 1342 x 2,800 pixels. And interestingly, it’s inline with what Ming-Chi Kuo had said about iPhone 8 a few months back.

The report has been verified by BGR as well. They too have been receiving traffic from such a device, which further cements the existence of such a thing. The visits to BGR first came in April, and then intensified from last month. On the other hand, visits to Macrumors began from September and intensified last month like BGR.

But even if this resolution is real, the active resolution of display will be slightly lower than it. That is because from a 5.8-inches large screen only 5.15-inch will be available for all those stunning visuals, after subtracting some functional area on the bottom. So with that screen size and pixel density it comes down to an active display resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels. Not as massive as 2800 px, but still way more than that of any other iPhone till date.

In the end, only Apple knows what it’s working on. But when you look at the size of iPhone 8 display, this increase in resolution seems a much needed change, so it’s very likely to happen.


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