All The Realms In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley Are

All The Realms In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley Are:

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a lot of different realms to explore to move your best characters into the valley. Here is a list of the realms you are able to explore now, the realms that are known to be coming, and what could be behind the locked castle doors in Dreamlight Valley soon.

In the game Disney Dreamlight Valley, you get to live within the world of Dreamlight Valley with your best Disney characters.

After you fall into the world, you find out that everyone who used to live in the valley has been affected by a thing called “The Forgetting,” which has caused them to forget everything about their old home and go back to their worlds.

As you bring the people back to the valley, you are going to visit different Disney worlds and talk to the characters there. So far, these are all of the areas that have been shown in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, What Are The Realms?

Realms are places that players can unlock and use to go to famous places from different Disney movies. Each one has one or two people who live there and costs a different amount of Dreamlight to open.

Given how many characters are in each Disney movie, it’s possible that more than two characters will live in these worlds in the future. So far, every realm that has been launched has only one or two characters in it.

However, some realms, like the one for Toy Story, may add more characters in the future, since most movies have more than two famous characters.

The sign on the door of each realm lets players know what world and figures are inside. The snowflake on one door shows that it leads to a frozen world, while the green plant on the other door represents Wall-E.

Each realm will be very different from the others because it will be based on a different movie. In the Ratatouille Realm, for example, players go to a kitchen where they have to cook with Remy.

In the Frozen Realm, players go to Anna as well as Elsa, who are deep in a forest that is in chaos because the four elements are out of balance. One of the best things about Disney Dream Light Valley is that players can make friends with and learn more about their favorite Disney characters.

Most of the game’s gameplay is based on this feature. Players who get close to the Disney characters while trying to level up their ties with them will get all sorts of benefits and unlock ways to move Dreamlight Valley forward.

All Current Realms:

There are five places to choose from within Disney Dreamlight Valley right now.

  1. Frozen
  2. Ratatouille
  3. Moana
  4. Wall-E
  5. Toy Story
  6. Lion King

You can do a set of quests for each character to get them to move towards Dreamlight Valley.

Some, like Wall-E and Ratatouille’s Realms, only have one character to unlock, but the Lion King, Moana, Frozen, as well as Toy Story Realms let you┬áreturn a pair of┬áSimbas, Nala, Moana, Maui, Anna, Elsa, Buzz, as well as Woody.


In the world of Frozen, the spirits of nature are out of control. In this area, you can help Anna and Elsa calm the spirits of nature by interacting with them.

If you finish the job, you can make both figures live in the valley. If you are asking where Kristoff is, he is already helping Donald Duck in the valley.


“Little Chef” goes back to the world of Ratatouille, where you are able to cook with Remy and have a lot of fun.

An important food critic is coming to the restaurant, so you require to help Remy serve dinner and please the reviewer at the same time. The job is hard, and you might mess up Ratatouille, but if you finish the quest here, Remy will come back to the valley.


When you enter the world of Moana, you will be taken to a Polynesian paradise. In this world, you will talk with Moana as well as Maui.

Moana wants to see the water, and she asks you to come with her. After finishing tasks for both characters, you may bring them back to the valley to reside with you and the other Disney figures.


If you like Pixar films, you probably know a few things about Wall-E. This little robot serves as a trash catcher that people left on Earth when they left.

In his world, he roams the wastes and picks up trash, which he then packs into cubes and stacks in different ways. When you free Wall-E, you can go to a garden within the valley that he will be taking care of.

The Toy Story:

In the Toy Story world, you can become a toy and look around Andy’s room. Players will also be able to talk to Buzz Lightyear and Woody, who will soon move to the valley and live there. Once you add them to your valley, they do drop and play “toy” from time to time.

Lion King:

The Lion King realm was the last one to be included in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can be thrown into the famous movie and meet both Nala and Simba when you enter this world.

After you finish the quest, you’ll be able to invite them into the valley while setting up your own area that looks like something out of The Lion King.

Will Disney Dreamlight Valley Get A New Realm?

In a blog post on January 25, 2023, the writers said that a new place would be coming in April. This was part of an update to their early 2023 plan. Also, “Realms” is mentioned under “More to Come in 2023,” which is a very exciting sign of what could be coming this year.

Speculation About The Next Disney Dreamlight Valley Realms:

Wreck-it Ralph could be added to the realm because Ralph as well as Vanellope von Schweetz are likely to come to the valley because they have been in advertising materials.

The same idea can be used to explain Beauty as well as the Beast as well as Cinderella, where Belle is at the centre of most of the advertising. Many people also think that Cinderella may already have a pumpkin-shaped house in the Forgotten Lands.


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