All The Collectibles You Can Find In The Sodden Grotto And Where To Find them In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

All The Collectibles You Can Find In The Sodden Grotto And Where To Find them In Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

There are a lot of items to find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. There are many different kinds of them in this place. You are going to able to get two priority shards along with a force essence. You will also be able to scan 4 databanks, find new legs for BD-1, and scan a legendary enemy.

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there are many places to explore as you do side quests and look for collectibles. You have to find prospectors in Koboh as part of a side quest. This gets you to the Sodden Grotto, a small area in Koboh where you may discover a few items.

Most of these items are easy to get, which is good. In fact, it seems like you don’t even need to have any skills unlocked to discover them all.

Still, it can be hard to find one if you don’t know where to look, so we’ve made you a list. This guide tells you where to look for all of the items in Sodden Grotto within Star Wars Jedi┬áSurvivor.

Where You’ll Find Every Collectible Item In Sodden Grotto:

Within the Jedi Survivor Sodden Grotto area, you can find eight things to add to your collection. Unlike most areas, you are able to obtain all of these items on your first trip through this one. This makes it a fairly easy place to finish.

The Sodden Grotto is a few of the first places you can visit on Koboh, but we don’t think you should go there right away.

A fierce Rancour, one of the most dangerous creatures in the Star Wars world, lives deep in the caves. If you’re playing Jedi Survivor, you might not be able to avoid going there.

All Locations Of The Sodden Grotto Chest:

In Jedi: Survivor, there is a single chest to be discovered within the Sodden Grotto area. For this, you’ll need to go all the way to the back of the Grotto. Just follow the trails until you reach a robot that doesn’t do anything. If you follow it, you’ll come across the Chest and a few monsters.

All Sodden Grotto Force Essence Locations:

In Jedi: Survivor, there is a single Force Essence to be discovered within the Sodden Grotto area. To do this, you’ll need to identify the middle point. The Grotto was pretty straight, so if you just keep going through it, you’ll find it.

Then you have to jump down into the pit below to fight a very big monster. We won’t tell you what’s going to happen before you get the Essence.

All Locations Of The Sodden Grotto Databank:

First DataBank:

Turn around and walk along the right side of the wall until you are able to jump up. Go to the corner, where there is a hole in the wall. You may utilize your lightsaber to light up this room, or you can just run, and soon there will be light.

When you get out of this dark hallway, jump and run to get over the gap. If you keep going forward, you are going to another jump alongside a hole within the wall on the left edge. Come inside to get a data bank.

Second Data Bank:

Turn around and walk towards the light at the other end of the tunnel. Turn to the left and fit through the beams. There are some cut bars in this room. Go under them and continue down the hallway until you reach the other set of cut bars.

If you go under them as well, you will find a big hole. Do rather than try to jump this gap. Instead, turn to the right and look for a way to go. Stay on the left wall and follow the path. You are headed to a bridge made of metal. Scan the second person lying on the metal bridge to get to the next databank.

Third Data Bank:

Hold on to the left wall while moving forward. You are going to notice a blue light after a very short walk. This will be the last and toughest databank in the area.

All Treasure Locations In The Sodden Grotto:

Within the Sodden Grotto area of the game Jedi: Survivor, there are two prizes to find.

First Jewel:

When you walk forward after entering the area from Hunter’s Quarry, you’ll see a lower road. Follow this path all the way to the end, keeping an eye out for enemies waiting in ambush, and you’ll find the initial Treasure.

Second Jewel:

You will find a Scavenger Droid as you move through the caves. To get the last Treasure, you have to sneak up on it in order to kill it.

Legendary Enemy Of Rancour:

When you turn the camera to the right after scanning this, you will see a big patch of light coming from a hole within the wall. Head over to the ledge, as well as the Rancour’s health meter will show up. This Rancour may be very dangerous, so make sure you know how to fight well in all ways.

You have to beat it before you can pick up the Force Essence within this part of the map. If you are having trouble beating it, you might have to go to other parts of the game to find more stims to help you.

Sodden Grotto BD-1 Leg Components:

After picking up this as a priority, look to the left of the road you just came from. The first road will be the one with the big gap from before. The second one is the way you’ll go. Utilize your lightsabers to light the way because it is dark.

Be careful, because your enemies will come at you from the dark. If you keep going along the right wall, you’ll arrive to a chest.

This box has some new leg decorations for your little friend, BD-1. These legs are going to be part of the theme of parts called “Scrapyard,” and they are able to give him some style.


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