All The Collectibles From Boiling Bluff And Where To Find Them Star Wars The Last Jedi

All The Collectibles From Boiling Bluff And Where To Find Them Star Wars The Last Jedi:

Within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the Boiling Bluff represents one of the smaller places you can visit on Koboh. Still, there are a few items you’ll need to get if you want to finish the game. It’s also where a lot of mounts live, which you’ll need to use if you’re hoping to get everything.

Boiling Bluff is one of the places on the world Koboh where The Star Wars Jedi Survivor takes place. It is a place between two valleys where there are many geysers and springs. It also has a variety of items that can be used to finish a couple of the game’s entries.

With so many horses, it can be hard to keep track of everything. It’s important to use them to get over high jumps, so you’ll have to pay attention in order to locate all of the jump places. This guide tells you where to find all the treasures in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that are in Boiling Bluff.

Read on to find out where all of the items are in the Boiling Bluff area of Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Where To Locate Every Collectible In Boiling Bluff:

Go to the world Koboh and move through the Untamed Downs area. Boiling Bluff is the next stop as you move through the valleys. If you took the rumour from Moran at Pyloon’s Saloon called “Locate the Odd Pair,” this is where you will find the goal of the rumour.

All 6 Places To Find Boiling Bluff Collectibles:

The Wheel Turns Force Echo Databank:

From the Boiling Bluff meditation point, look upward and to the right. You’ll see a ledge that you are able to ascend with the help of the Nekko mount. Use a boosted jump to get to the top of the ledge to locate The Wheel Turns Force Echo.

Priorite Shard Treasure:

Drop down the cliff and go through the tunnel to the left of the meditation point. A short distance ahead, on your right, is an orange rock wall. Ride the nearby Nekko as well as do a boosted jump to get on the top of the wall. A creature’s jawbone will hold the primary shard.

Crimson Jelly Spire Seed Pod:

Once you have the priority piece, you should go back down the wall. Once you’re done, turn to your opposite direction and move a bit ahead until you see a Crimson Jelly Spire Seed Pod on the ground next to a force echo. It will be glowing green.

Crimson Jelly Spire Seed Pod:

A few steps ahead, on your left, is the following Crimson Jelly Spire Seed Pod, which is lying on the ground afterwards to a black pole.

Turgle, Saved Force Echo Databank:

After getting the second seed pod, turn around to pick up the Turgle, Saved Force Echo, near the wall near where you found the first Crimson Jelly Spire Seed Pod.

Priorite Shard Treasure:

If you go to the other way in the cave, you’ll find a wall that you can climb high above the main pillar. Use the Nekko’s boost jump to get to this wall, then jump from wall to wall till you reach the top.

You are going to see two more walls that you can climb. You may obtain the Priorite Shard by doing a jump dash to the right wall, which is closest, and then jumping to the next wall.

Within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, that’s all you can get from Boiling Bluff. As you first look around the area, you can find the bounty hunter Meyen Corr close to the meditation point and talk to him. They use two blasters and attack you from a distance. Receive a Bounty Puck by beating them.


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