All Ruins Guard Locations In Genshin Effect

All Ruins Guard Locations In Genshin Effect:

The Ruin Guard is an elite mob that has been in the game since the beginning and is one of the enemies you’ll have to farm to just get Chaos Devices, Chaos Circuits, or Chaos Cores.

You will have met this hostile humanoid machine for the first time in Mondstadt, but as you explore Teyvat, you will quickly learn that Ruin Guards could be found in every part of the world map. Some parts of Teyvat have more Automatons than the others, but because they are so common, it will be hard to not run into one by accident as you explore and move around the city.

One of the biggest surprises of 2020 was the action-RPG game Genshin Impact, which was made by miHoYo and was free to play. Even though people were sceptical at first about how the game would make money and how it would work with Gacha, both fans and critics have been very positive about it.

Genshin Impact was heavily influenced by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It has a large world to explore.

Genshin Impact’s world is full of old ruins that players can loot, but they are rarely unguarded. The Ruin Guard, an ancient as well as powerful humanoid war machine, ranks among the most risky enemies players will face while ruin-raiding.

Each Ruin Guard Place:

Starting with Mondstadt, there are about seven Ruin Guards all over the area. One is near Stormbearer Point, another is at Thousand Winds Temple, as well as 2 more are on an unmarked island far off the eastern coast of Mondstadt. Two of them live in the lair of Stormterror, and the third lives in Brightcrown Canyon.

Every Location Of A Ruin Guard In Liyue:

In Genshin Impact, Liyue is by far the best place to farm for Ruin Guard parts because there are so many humanoid Automatons there. Five are in the nearby ruins as well as ridges of Jueyun Karst, & 3 can be found south of the Guili Plains. There are four structures in the Dunyu Ruins.

One is on the eastern edge of the Yaoguang Shoal, while another is north of Mingyun Village. Lastly, there are 4 on the island in the middle of the group of islands in the Guyun Stone Forest. Even though it’s not really a part of Liyue, you could indeed find a Ruin Guard in The Chasm.

Every Place With A Ruin Guard In Inazuma

In Genshin Impact, Inazuma has the fewest Ruin Guard locations. One is located on the northern side of Narukami Island as well as five around the north and south parts of Tsurumi Island.

Every Place With A Ruin Guard In Sumeru

Lastly, the Sumeru region of Genshin Impact has two Ruin Guard locations: one near the Ruins of Dahri and the other on top of the mountain east of the Apam Woods. Five of them are spread out to the east, south, & west of Mt. Damavand, with one located on top of the southern ridge, looking out over Khaj-Nisut. The last two are in the Valley of Dahri.

It’s important that all of the Genshin Impact Ruin Guard locations listed above are in the overworld of Teyvat. For example, there are two of them in the part of The Chasm that is underground.

Some may also show up during quests, such as the one you battle near the Ruins of Dahri during Aranyaka questline. Lastly, the locations of Ruin Guards who show up in Bounties are not listed.

Drops Of Ruin Guard:

When you kill a ruin guard, you might get one or more of the following items.

  1. Chaos Device
  2. Chaos Circuit
  3. Chaos Core

Five Attacks From Ruin Guards:

The Ruin Guard has 5 attacks that it will switch between depending on where the player is.


For a powerful explosion, the Ruin Guard would then fold forward and clap its hands together. The Ruin Guard gives away this move by bending down and having flames run across its arms.


If someone gets too close, the Ruin Guard would then try to stomp on them. It will show this by lifting its foot. After the stomp, it will take the Ruin Guard a second to get back on its feet. This lets people who have strong weapons such as the Skyward Blade do a lot of damage.

Spin Attack:

The Ruin Guard would then spin the top half of its body & move forward so that its flailing arms can hit the player. Players could indeed avoid these attacks by jumping on top of the Ruin Guard, which is the only place it can’t see.

Punch & Jump Combo:

The Ruin Guard would then give the player two quick punches, then try to jump on them. The hardest part to avoid is the jump, so players should know what comes after the 1st punch.


Bombardment is the Ruin Guard’s special attack. It starts by using a cross-air to aim at a player who is farther away. After that, it will crouch down and turn its body to fire a bunch of missiles that can find their targets. Each of these does only a small amount of damage on its own, but when used together, they can kill.

They move slowly, so most of them can be avoided if you time it right. With a Charged Shot to the weak spot on its back, this attack can be stopped.

The Best Way To Beat A Ruin Guard Is:

The best way to beat a Ruin Guard is to send an archer after its weak spot, which is either on its head or in the middle of its back. If you hit these points twice in a row, the machine will shut down for a while.

This can let one of the melee characters get close enough to its core to do some real damage. If you hit the weak spot on its back, you can also stop its Bombardment attack, which is one of its most dangerous moves.


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