All Of Tears Of The Kingdom’s Stable Locations

All Of Tears Of The Kingdom’s Stable Locations:

Within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, stables are where you can register and store your best horses, add saddles and leashes, earn and spend Pony Points, and, of course, sleep. The game world has 15 big stables and a few smaller stables to give it measure, for an overall total of 17 stables.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are stalls all over Hyrule.

They’re the key to making it easier for us to get around the game, and we like them even more because they’re an excellent spot to sit down, relax, cook a warm meal, or make an arrangement with Beedle, our best wandering trader.

Because Tears of the Kingdom has so many horses, it can be hard to keep up with them all or know where to look for them. We were able to find all of the stables, so you are able to take your royal horse along on your travels.

Most barns are near or on busy roads, and a shrine is usually close by to make it easy to move quickly. Open-world games are fun because you can find new places on your own, but when you must sign up for a new horse, you need to know specifics.

Where All Stables Are:

In TotK, you can look for and find 17 horses in Hyrule. You can find these stables all over the surface of Tears of the Kingdom. You won’t have to look for them anywhere in the depths or on the sky islands.

A few of them are near to each other, while others are spread out. This makes it easy to locate a nearby place to call a horse or find out about local quests you can start right away.

We’re glad to know that there’s a shrine next to each of these horses. Not only should you take the stable, but you should also visit the nearby shrine as well as turn it on. This will make the area a fast travel spot that you can use often on your trip.

These include all the stables you are able to locate within Tears of the Kingdom as well as the shrines that make them fast journey places.

Stable Name Stable Coordinates Nearby Shrine Coordinates
Dueling Peaks Stable 1749, -1921, 0010 Eshos Shrine – 1563, -1945, 0157
East Akkala Stable 4237, 2738, 0125 Jochi-iu Shrine – 4356, 2875, 0165
Foothill Stable 2603, 1134, 0148 Kisinona Shrine – 2568, 1248, 0173
Gerudo Canyon Stable -2796, -2238, 0029 Turakamik Shrine – -2658, -2236, 0067
Hateno Pasture 3629, -2110, 0178 Zanmik Shrine – 3469, -2179, 0148
Highland Stable 0519, -3441, 0047 Utsushok Shrine – 0672, -3357, 0071
Lakeside Stable 1551, -3522, 0060 Joju-U-U Shrine – 1515, -3577, 0142
Mini Stable at Digdogg Suspension Bridge -1691, -1662, 0020 Riogok Shrine – -1440, -1616, 0089
Mini Stable at Lookout Landing -0251, 0052, 0019 No Shrine – Lookout Landing
New Serenne Stable -1351, 0734, 0085 Sinakawak Shrine- -1413, 0756, 0089
Outskirt Stable -1436, -1265, 0032 Tsutsu-um Shrine – -1424, -1350, 0067
Riverside Stable 0329, -1085, 0009 Tajikats Shrine – 0324, -1008, 0016
Snowfield Stable -1641, 2566, 0233 Orochium Shrine – -1636, 2641, 0239
South Akkala Stable 3137, 1684, 0201 Mayachideg Shrine – 3061, 1827, 0216
Tabanatha Bridge Stable -2918, 0546, 0169 Makurukis – -2844, 0631, 0233
Wetland Stable 0888, -0160, 0026 Tukarok Shrine – 0912, -0245, 0033
Woodland Stable 1057, 1127, 0022 Ekochiu Shrine – 1062, 1279, 0045


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