All March 2023 Dittos In Pokémon Go And How To Catch Them

All March 2023 Dittos In Pokémon Go And How To Catch Them:

In Pokémon Go, Ditto is a special Pokémon you can try to catch. It will never be found in the wild in its normal form. Instead, it will look like a Pokémon somewhere in the world.

Most of the time, these Pokémon disguises modify at the beginning of a new season, which means you can expect a whole new set of Ditto disguises every month. Here’s everything you have to understand about Ditto’s disguises and how to catch it in Pokémon Go in March 2023.

Discover the Pokémon that Ditto is currently pretending to be in order to find it. For instance, you might see a Diglett, and then when you tap on it, it will stay a Diglett, but it’s really a Ditto. You’ll get a “Oh?” message when you catch that Pokémon, if you’re lucky, it will change into a Ditto.

All March 2023 Disguises:

Here are all of the different ways Ditto can look in Pokémon Go in March 2023.

  1. Corphish
  2. Diglett
  3. Grimer
  4. Litleo
  5. Roggenrola
  6. Snubbull
  7. Starly
  8. Tympole

You might find these Pokémon inside the wild as you look around your neighborhood. They might look like regular Pokémon, but when you catch them, they do a special animation that makes it clear they are Ditto.

You might be capable of capturing a shiny Ditto, yet not if the other Pokémon you meet is shiny as well.

How To Catch:

You can’t tell if the Pokémon is a Ditto before you try to catch it, which is a shame. You won’t know it will be a Ditto until you catch it and see it change into one. You should try to catch Ditto in every possible disguise he or she could be in to increase your chances.

You’ll have to keep trying to catch these Pokémon by clicking on them in the wild. When you finally catch it, it will do this unique animation when it goes into a Pokéball.

You can only tell you’ve caught a Ditto if you zoom in on the Poké Ball to observe a clear “Oh?” bubble above it. When the Pokémon comes out of the Poké Ball, it changes into a Ditto.

Ditto is one of the hardest Pokemon to catch in Pokemon GO as a whole. But if a player really wants to get the rare form of a Pocket Monster, they are more than welcome to do so.

After you catch a Ditto, the only way to find out where it is in the world is through this short animation. You might be able to catch one as a reward for a special research mission or an occasion quest, but you’ll need to know ahead of time that it’s a reward. When you hear that Ditto is a seize reward, you have a normal Ditto encounter.

Make sure to check the list we’ve given you often to make sure you’re on the lookout for Ditto. This list changes, so you can expect to see new Pokémon added to it every so often.


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