All Locations Of The K Drive Race In Warframe

All Locations Of The K Drive Race In Warframe:

What do you know regarding the places where K-Drive races happen? Warframe is an amazing game that came out in March 2013 for Microsoft Windows. Digital Extremes made the game and put it on the market.

The game has a lot of features and puts players in a new gaming environment.

For those who don’t know, Warframe is a free-to-play third-person action shooter online game where the player handles the Tenno, which are the team members. Their main goal is to beat the different groups in the game to prevent Earth from being destroyed.

Who Made The Warframe Game?

Warframe is a very famous game that was first released for Microsoft Windows in March 2013. It was made by Digital Extremes and put out by Microsoft.

In Warframe, K-Drive Races take place on Venus in Orb Vallis. Nef Anyo would rather have the little kids work in his workshops, so the Vent-Kids set these up to poke him in the eye.

As part of Night-wave as well as the story of Warframe, Nora Night wants gamers to win three races.

For that, they need to understand where the K-Drive Races are. So, we put together this guide to each K Drive Race spot in Warframe to help all players master them when it’s handy.

Places Where K Drive Races Are Held:

When you go through a gate, you get 500 K Drive Affinity as well as 5 extra seconds until the end of the race.

When you get through the last gate, you get 2500 K Drive Affinity. Here is a table with the name of the race, the number of gates, as well as the total amount of K Drive Affinity you may obtain in that race.

Name Number of Gates K-Drive Affinity
Meat and Greet 25 14500
Grinding the Void 25 14500
Lord of the Board 24 14000
Mumsie Dadsie 23 13500
Sky-Eye 21 12500
Fortuna’s Folly 20 12000
Puffin’ Pastures 19 11500
Catalyst 18 11000
Anyo’s Ointment 18 11000
Bomb the Spaceport 17 10500
Roky’s Roll 17 10500
Deathgrip 16 10000
Dog Line 16 10000
Taxman’s Curve 15 9500
Breakdown or Bust 15 9500
Frost Merchant 14 9000
Skeggin’ Out 13 8500
Pobber’s Drop 12 8000
Kubrodon Twist 12 8000
River Run 11 7500
Shaving Nef 10 7000
The Hard Way 10 7000


When you’ve finished all 22 races, you’ll be called a “Race Ace.” So, that’s what I wanted to say in this post.

I hope you liked it and that you found this guide helpful. Its purpose is to tell you exactly where all the K Drive race spots are in the Orb Vallis within the Warframe game, so you can easily finish all the races.

Tell us in the comments if you think this post is missing something. Cheers until the next post. So, that’s what I have to say in this book.

I hope you enjoyed it and that you found this piece helpful because it tells you exactly where the K Drive race takes place within Orb Vallis. If you think this guide is missing something, let us know in the comments part below.

Do You Want To Make Your Own K-Ride?

Players need to get along with the Vent-kids if they want to build their own unique K Drive. This Night-wave Challenge was a great place to start.

It will give them a base from which they may win additional races or get more respect from the Vent-kids.

As players get better at K-Drive Racing, they may begin doing tricks and really stand apart from the community if they are able to put together amazing montages of their runs.


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