All KFC Rewards, As Well As Instructions On How To Claim Them Within Diablo 4

All KFC Rewards, As Well As Instructions On How To Claim Them Within Diablo 4:

Your character may be transformed into a lethal killing machine by collecting the many weapons and materials that are hidden throughout Diablo 4. On the other hand, the minions of Lillith aren’t the only ones that may reward you with new stuff to acquire.

Additionally, Blizzard has formed a partnership alongside Colonel Sanders to provide one of five additional cosmetic items to customers who purchase a KFC sandwich.

It is unfortunate that the method for obtaining all of the cosmetics is not totally obvious. In order for the cosmetics to be added to your account, you will need to perform a few particular tasks.

The following is a list of all of the awards, as well as the tasks that must be completed in order to get them.

Due to the fact that Diablo 4 will be released on the sixth of June and the fact that it will be accessible through Early Access upon June 2, gamers may stop by their neighborhood KFC to get some additional incentives.

This quick service restaurant chain has been pushing the video game for a while now, ever since they began providing beta tickets to customers who ordered a certain meal in the month of March.

It shouldn’t come as unexpected that KFC is running another promotion like this given that similar offers are made for major AAA titles. The Diablo 4 KFC freebies may be claimed by following the instructions in this article.

Hell is expanding its territory and moving closer to the realm of Sanctuary. KFC is now offering aesthetic incentives for in-game weapon transmogrification for Diablo 4.

These awards are designed to provide your demon slayer that additional flair, ensuring that they continue to look attractive even while they fight against the forces of evil.

There are five awards spread over a variety of different sorts of equipment, so getting hands on one of them is luckily not too difficult, assuming that you are a fan of the chicken from KFC. In this tutorial, we will explain everything that you may earn along with how to do it in detail.

All Of The KFC Rewards For Diablo 4:

It is important to note that neither of the five skins for weapons are quite as bizarre as you may anticipate them to be. Each of the five cosmetics is a unique form of skin that can be applied to a weapon.

Instead, the Blizzard team has decided to place a greater emphasis on puns while still providing fans with a skin which should be able to blend in with Diablo 4’s standard design. The following are the five privileges.

  • The Thrumming Axle = a staff cosmetic.
  • The Hand of Gallus = a polearm cosmetic.
  • The Dread Pheasant Slayer = a bow cosmetic.
  • The Foul Reaper = a two-handed scythe cosmetic.
  • The Vessel of the Eleven = a Druid-exclusive off-hand totem.

How To Use KFC Codes:

To get started collecting Diablo 4 prizes from KFC, you simply need to complete a few simple tasks. To begin, go to the official website for the prizes, and then do the steps as follows:

If you do not already have a KFC account, you should go ahead and create one. You’ll be asked for your full name, email address, as well as password before you can continue.

Link The BattleNet Account To Your KFC:

Connect your BattleNet account to your KFC one. After linking your accounts, you will be sent to the genuine rewards page, where you will be able to see all of the possible awards and see how you may earn them.

After connecting your accounts, you will be eligible for your first award; but, in order to be eligible for any more rewards, you will need to complete four separate qualifying transactions.

You Can Not Make A Single Order Which Contain Four Meal That Meet The Requirements You Have To Buy Them Individual:

You are unable to place a single order that contains four goods that meet the requirements. Because each reward level is associated with a certain order, even if you may place four separate orders of a single meal, you won’t get credit for both of them.

In addition, all purchases have to be completed via either the KFC website as well as the KFC app, which is available for Android as well as Apple devices.

After making a purchase that is eligible for the reward and redeeming it, the weapon transmogrification will become accessible within your in-game Wardrobe when you have a weapon that is compatible with it.

In the game Diablo 4, for example, you will require a polearm in order to wear the KFC polearm skin. Each class is eligible to get one of the rewards.

The following is the sequence in which players will get the Diablo 4 KFC cosmetic products they have purchased. The first thing players will receive is the Dread Pheasant Slayer skin for their bow weapon.

After the accounts have been linked together, you will be able to redeem this one. A qualified product must be bought at a nearby KFC restaurant in order to acquire the remainder of all the in-game freebies that are available to be collected.

Free bonuses for Diablo 4 will be included with each of these orders that meet the requirements. The collaboration between Diablo 4 and KFC will come to an end on July 2.

Complete The Purchase Before July 2 And Gain More Points:

You will have till July 15 to receive any incentives that you have earned, but the deadline for actually completing the purchases is July 2.

Diablo 4 has had a very positive reception during its early entry phase, and it will hopefully become even better once further content and features, like as the season pass, become available. Whether or not you take full advantage of this discount, the game has been extremely well received.


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