All Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass Skins & Outfits

All Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass Skins & Outfits:

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 adds a new Battle Pass with lots of new skins and styles. Pass owners will find an unlockable outfit on almost every page, and to get them, they will need to spend Battle Pass Stars.

There will be a special Bonus Rewards page waiting for you when the whole pass is done. Here are all of the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass skins.

Fortnite has become a cultural phenomenon, and among the main reasons for that is all the cool outfits and skins they add to the game. Not only do they make great designs for their own characters, but the characters from all over the entertainment industry that they bring in are also fun.

So, when a new Season or Chapter starts, players absolutely can not wait to see which new characters have been added. As of right now, the Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass gives you access to 7 new skins and outfits.

  1. Renzo the Destroyer
  2. Imani
  3. Thunder
  4. Mizuki
  5. Mystica
  6. Stray
  7. Highwire

What Are The Season 2 Battle Pass Skins For Chapter 4:

Like last season, the Battle Pass for Chapter 4 Season 2 is made up of 14 pages of rewards. More importantly, you have to collect all of the rewards on a page before you can get its skin or style.

When you’re done with all of the pages, you’ll be able to go to the Bonus Rewards page and unlock Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan. All of the Battle Pass skins are listed below in the order that they appear on the Battle Pass page.

All New Outfits And How To Unlock:


How To Unlock

Renzo the Destroyer Instantly rewarded to all Battle Pass owners
Renzo the Magnificent (style) Complete Page 2
Imani Complete Page 3
Future-Fi Imani (style) Complete Page 4
Thunder Complete Page 5
Midnight Snack Thunder (style) Complete Page 6
Mystica Complete Page 7
Crimsonbloom Mystica (style) Complete Page 8
Stray Complete Page 9
Renegade Stray (style) Complete Page 10
Highwire Complete Page 11
Pack Leader Highwire (style) Complete Page 12
River Empress Mizuki Complete Page 13
Eren Jaeger Complete Page 1 of the Bonus Rewards


All 14 Page Reward List:

Page No.


Page 1 Renzo the Destroyer Outfit
100 V-Bucks
Banner Icon
Renzo the Destroyer Loading Screen
The Destroyer’s Destroyer Pickaxe
Swag Shot Emote
Destroyer Signature Wrap
Jaw Off Emoticon
Nemesis Box Back Bling
Page 2 Renzo the Magnificent Loading Screen
Starry Sockets Spray
Skull-A-Tron Style
100 V-Bucks
Nemesis Box Golden Style
Renzo Velocity Contrail
Renzo the Magnificent Outfit Style
Page 3 Imani Loading Screen
Banner Icon
Vicious Vintage Pickaxe
100 V-Bucks
Needle Dropper Glider
All-Nighter Wrap
Imani Outfit
Page 4 Future-Fi Imani Loading Screen
Arcade Cat Spray
100 V-Bucks
Expressionism Emote
Future Dreams Music CD
The Boom Style
Future-Fi Imani Outfit Style
Page 5 Thunder Loading Screen
Monstrous Hunger Spray
Kaiju Cutter Pickaxe
Thunderbowl Emoticon
Stormcloud Glider
100 V-Bucks
Thunder Outfit
Page 6 Midnight Snack Thunder Loading Screen
Sushi Sign Back Bling
100 V-Bucks
Chef’s Special Emote
Gila Classic Wrap
Thunder Roll Music CD
Midnight Snack Thunder Outfit Style
Page 7 Mystica Loading Screen
Oni Teeth Emoticon
The Ashglow Blade Pickaxe
Remnant Blossom Back Bling
100 V-Bucks
Lost Meteor Glider
Mystica Outfit
Page 8 Crimsonbloom Mystica Loading Screen
100 V-Bucks
Meteor Shower Contrail
Horizon’s Call Contrail
The Ashglow Blade Style
Banner Icon
Crimsonbloom Mystica Outfit Style
Page 9 Stray Loading Screen
Fox Wayfinder Back Bling
Stray Fox Wrap
100 V-Bucks
Stray’s Side Eye Spray
Skycarver Glider
Stray Outfit
Page 10 Renegade Stray Loading Screen
Standing Bow Emote
100 V-Bucks
Banner Icon
100 V-Bucks
Foxfire Edge Style
Renegade Stray Outfit Style
Page 11 Highwire Loading Screen
Highwire Hop Spray
100 V-Bucks
Neon Menagerie Back Bling
Vital Music CD
Plasmacore Claws Pickaxe
Highwire Outfit
Page 12 Pack Leader Highwire Loading Screen
Highwire Skymark Contrail
Scowl Skull Emoticon
Unseen Airdrifter Glider Style
Neon Menagerie Back Bling Style
100 V-Bucks
Pack Leader Highwire Outfit Style
Page 13 River Empress Mizuki Loading Screen
Flood Wrap
River Guardian Back Bling
100 V-Bucks
Fan Attack Spray
Breaking Waves Pickaxe
River Empress Mizuki Outfit
Page 14 Mizuki Loading Screen
Wings of the Storm Glider
Reality Flow Contrail
Banner Icon
Miffed Mizuki Emoticon
100 V-Bucks
Arrival of the Empress Emote
Mizuki Outfit

A few weeks into the season, players can also unlock super styles, bonus cosmetics, as well as the Mystery Outfit. Chapter 4 Season 2’s secret skin is the well-known character Eren Yeager this time. He has his own Titan Strike Pickaxe along with some cool accessories.


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