9 Unique Birthday Gifts to Surprise an Astrology Enthusiast 

Astrology, zodiac signs, moon signs, etc. are not everyone’s cup of tea. But you can’t deny the fact that these are some interesting topics that are great conversation starters. That aside, if you know an astrology geek who is into exploring more about the zodiac signs, the cosmic events and planetary influence, be assured that there are some unique and one-of-a-kind gifts available around.

We have curated a list of some of the most unique birthday gifts that will definitely surprise a friend who is into astrology a lot.

  • Zodiac birthday cards

Amidst all the amazing and budget-friendly gifting options, if there’s one you blindly rely on, we’d recommend checking out the zodiac birthday cards. They are fun, quirky and very thoughtful at the same time. You can get something a lot more personalized that your friend will appreciate keeping aside in their house.

  • Zodiac wall art

Next up, we have the varieties of zodiac wall arts that are now very easily available in the market. The best thing about these wall arts is that they blend in with the aesthetic of the room you keep it in. From crowded designs to minimal designs in neutral colors, there are a lot of different designs available in the market. The good thing is that if you are good at art, and you have the supplies, you can make some yourself.

  • Zodiac-inspired soy candles

Who doesn’t love a beautiful and lingering scent from a candle, right? If the person you are gifting is fond of candles, we’d 100% recommend surprising them with some vegan and environment friendly zodiac soy candles. There are literally innumerable variants available and in different scents, shapes and color options. Also, like the wall art, you have the choice to customize the soy candles and DIY them at home by yourself, which is always a bonus.

  • Sun or moon sign key chains

Now, before you start getting defensive saying that keychains aren’t appropriate birthday gifts, you can always add them to a care package you are preparing for the person whose birthday it is. Sun and moon sign key chains are quirky and allow your friend to appreciate the thought you put into hyping up their interests. And, let’s be real, key chains are a lot more practical gift than you’d realize. 

  • Astrological gift box

If you want to go all out and surprise the birthday boy/girl with something extravagant, you can also get them a curated astrological box. To be fair, what you put into the box is entirely on you, as long as they stick to the theme of astrology. You can add some candles, perfumes, cards, books, and the list is never ending. Just ensure that you add practical things into the box that you know for a fact won’t go to a complete waste.

  • Astrology lipstick or perfume

Now, this one is a bit tricky, especially if your friend is picky about the scents they wear and the shade of lipsticks they enjoy. But, if you know them closely, chances are you’d know what their preferences are. So, scour the internet for some inspiration, find good zodiac inspired lipstick or fragrances and ship them off to your friend.

  • Zodiac sign print

If your friend is fan of illustrations, prints and posters, Zodiac sign prints are another great way to surprise them with a meaningful birthday gift. To be fair, you can find a variety of prints online but if you have an idea about designing, we’d suggest creating the design and layout of the print yourself for an additional layer of personalization.

  • Zodiac sign necklace

This one is quite a cliché and old birthday gift option but we knew we had to include it in the list. Zodiac sign necklaces are an old school birthday gift idea but there are so many different variations of it available nowadays. You have ones with a daintier design and then you have a complete opposite of it with a grunge and edgy design. You can pick one depending on your friend’s personality.

  • Zodiac sign tea

Last is the zodiac sign tea, which is perfect for those birthday people who enjoy to sip on a cup anytime they are stressed throughout the day. Since the concept is quite unique and personal, you will find a variety of stores online and offline who sell such customized tea containers for gifting.


These are some of the most popular yet unique gifting ideas for someone’s birthday, who is interested in astrology. To be fair, these are just a handful of ideas. You can also think of hundreds more, depending on what kind of gift you want to give and the kind of budget you can spare on the said gift.


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