6 Windows 7 Features We will Miss

Windows 7 created a buzz during its time. It was functional, easy to use, and one of the best-operating systems launched by Microsoft to date. If you are missing the old features, you can get them with the Windows 7 Ultimate product key if you want.

However, in the meantime, let us walk you through some of the top features that have people missing this OS in real-time.

Windows Taskbar

When it comes to the Windows taskbar, nothing can beat the amazing features and functionalities of the taskbar on Windows 7. It was highly functional and not to mention highly programmable too. It was easier to pin items to the taskbar to have easy access to the different applications without any hassle. Also, the easy right-click access to the jump list of all the pinned apps was a premium feature that we wish Windows 11 had.

Windows Action Center

Windows 10 comes with its individual Action Centre. There’s no doubt about that but nothing beats the Action Center that was available with Windows 7. Besides the minimal appearance, what stood out were the stunning layout and the easy functionalities. The Action Center immediately alerted the users about the issues that were potent in the system. This isn’t as functional now.

Windows Aero Interface

The Aero interface was exclusive to Windows 7, so you can’t get it now. The touchscreen support was immaculate but what stood out was the ease of accessibility. Users could have access to their desktop at all times without being actively present in the moment. Additional features like Aero peek, Aero Shake, and Aero Snap further enabled users to resize, move and open a lot of other windows without any hassle.

Windows Themes

The introduction of themes on Windows came around with Vista but Windows 7 took it to a whole different height. The personalization features and the Control panel accessibility were unlike anything else you would have experienced till now. Also, the ease with which users could change their Windows background was pretty immaculate as well. This is a feature that’s heavily missed with the currently available Windows OS.

Windows Search

If you use Windows 11 at present, you likely know that there has been a lot of refinement to the simple Windows Search option. It was previously available under the Start menu but they are now a lot more programmable. The best thing about the Windows 7 search was the categories instead of individual apps. Everything was categorized under Programs, Music, Document, etc. making the organization a lot easier.

Windows Gadgets

The last feature that’s worth a mention is the list of Windows Gadgets. They were nothing but the additional widgets that spruced up the appearance of the desktop sidebar. This is a feature that’s not available on Windows anymore, making users miss it extensively.

Windows 7 was one of the best-operating systems to date. If you want to jump back in time when things were simpler and more customizable, we hope that you can directly download the OS using the product key we mentioned.


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