10 Best Companies That Host Minecraft Servers

10 Best Companies That Host Minecraft Servers:

It shouldn’t be a wonder that setting up a private server is important if you want to play Minecraft with friends often. But there are so many server hosting companies out there that it might be hard to choose the best one for your needs.

Millions of people play Minecraft, which is among of the most widely downloaded popular computer games in the world. They build worlds and dig ever more deeply into mines.

Hosting a private Minecraft server was the way to make your own real Minecraft world that your friends are able to access even when you’re not online. Hosting a Minecraft server is a service that companies offer to help people or groups run their games on the World Wide Web.

It makes it easier for a group game to take place. These services offer better speed, are available 24/7, and have low delay for less money.


With Nodecraft, you only have to click a few times to set up a server. It is a reliable service for hosting servers that has been around for a long time. The service has backups in the cloud and game servers for each node.

You also get a private IP address so you can prevent network problems, port collisions, as well as DDoS attacks. Lastly, there aren’t any extra costs based on how many people join your site. So, you can send as many people to your server as you want without any trouble.

The Minecraft Hosting:

As the name suggests, Minecraft Hosting offers a strong and safe way to run a Minecraft server. It might be at the top of our list because it protects your Minecraft server from DDoS attacks better than anything else.

With Minecraft hosting, you’ll receive an endless amount of SSD storage and an unlimited number of spots for your Minecraft sites. You are also given a specialized RAM, which can make playing Minecraft a lot better.


Most businesses depend on third parties to supply their services, but Hostwinds doesn’t. The architecture, computers, systems, and structures of the service are all owned fully by the service. This makes hosting cheaper and easier to set up.

The service has three different plans: basic, advanced, as well as ultimate. For $5.24 a month, the Basic plan gives users unlimited internet, unlimited disc space, as well as 1 name.

On the opposite hand, the Advanced plan costs $6.74 per month and has all of the same services as the Basic deal plus 4 names. Lastly, the Ultimate deal comes with an endless number of names, bandwidth, and disc space.


Since 2011, MCProHosting has had Minecraft servers within 22 different locations on six countries. In partnership with Cloud flare Spectrum, MCProHosting gives proactive as well as real-time mitigation, over 37 Tbps or 37,000 Gbps of mitigation capacity, various traffic routes, and a 17% decrease in delay for $6.99 per month.

MCProHosting also offers server control services if you require assistance or are unwilling to run a private Minecraft server. The Express plan costs $7.99 per month and includes 25 plugin sets and 20 mods.

The Premium plan gives you 50 mods, 35 plugin sets, and as many spots as you want. The Ultimate as well as Extreme packages also come with 100 or 150 mods, 45 or 60 plugin sets, endless spots, and support for Discord. The Extreme plan is the only one that gives you more than 2 GB of RAM.


ScalaCube is the company that hosts Minecraft servers. It can offer help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and have very low delay. It comes with automatic backups and free sub-domains. It lets you set up as many game servers as you want with as many spots as you want on one VPN server.

ScalaCube protects you from both small and big DDoS threats. It has an easy-to-use control screen, and you can set up your own Minecraft server with it. It has an Apache web server, MySQL databases, as well as access to FTP files. It lets you add more than 1000 modpacks with just one click.


CubedHost is a company that hosts high-performance game servers. It gives you an easy but powerful tool that you can set up right away. It’s easy to use the control screen. You can change the version of Minecraft, add tools, and load mudpacks.

Dedicated MySQL servers provide you the fastest data storing and the least amount of delay possible. Through FTP, you can gain full access to all of your server’s files. It can offer a free package for web hosting.

The system comes with full defense against DDoS attacks that may safeguard every machine from UDP floods of up to several gigabits. You will find it easy to handle the files.

Hosting Apex:

Do you like the idea of being able to install and play your best modpack with just one click? Apex running has made that possible, and thanks to tools, mods, minigames, and maps, this service makes running Minecraft easy.

Apex Hosting also gives you access to 16 computer sites in places like the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Poland, France, Germany, Russia, Israel, Australia, China, as well as Singapore. Having a choice about where the computer is based helps keep delay very low.

Many Minecraft lovers choose Apex because it gives them full power over the server, world-class help, fast connections, as well as a large number of server version choices. Another thing that makes Apex Hosting a good choice is that it instantly backs up your files.


Shockbyte was a company that supports game systems as its main business. But it doesn’t just help Minecraft players. It also runs sites for games like Rust, Ark: Survival Evolved, Arma 3, as well as Hytale.

Shockbyte rents out computers for just as $9.99 per month. Customer help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on three countries.

The company’s Minecraft server hosting plan also comes with a free name, an automatic system to help with fast setup, 100% protection from DDoS attacks, as well as 100% service. Plans commence at $2.50 and give from 1GB to 16GB of RAM.


Hostinger says it will give you the best website hosting option. It also focuses on running Minecraft servers, with plans made just for the game as well as tools that try to make Minecraft run as well as possible.

With Hostinger, you can set up a Minecraft virtual private server (VPS) in seconds. This gives you a lot of work and costs just as $8.95 a month.

Plans from hosting providers offer Minecraft hosting with 2GB to 16GB of memory, up to eight virtual CPUs, DDoS security, 24/7 help, free MySQL, as well as a mobile app. Each plan also promises to be up 99.9% of the time.

With just a few clicks, the service makes it easy to take care of your VPS. They also care about the security and safety of your data as well as offer a money-back promise. Once you’ve signed up and paid for the account, you’re good to go.


PebbleHost offers cheap hosting services for Minecraft that work with both Java 8 and Java 11. You will get help for Discord 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as business gear and unlimited storage.

It has plans for people who are on a tight budget, who want to run big servers, Modpacks, or public servers, or who need the best speed.

PebbleHost gives the platform a custom game management panel, the ability to schedule tasks, a free subdomain maker, and a lot more. It gives you full access to FTP and gives you free MySQL storage. It has a firewall manager built in.


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