Zendaya would like to see her darling Tom Holland star in “Euphoria”?

Zendaya just made a big reveal. Indeed, she would love her darling Tom Holland to star in the hit series Euphoria.

Viewers seem to adore the couple Zendaya and Tom Holland. Moreover, the young woman would like to see her sweetheart play in the Euphoria series. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Zendaya: her intriguing love story

These days, Zendaya has been hugely successful. While the young woman is in the spotlight for many years, it is now that she is standing out.

And for good reason, Zendaya has had a series of successful programs. Euphoria, Spider-Man or even Dune, it never ceases to cause a sensation. Yes, just that!

It must be said that the pretty blonde can count on the support of his loyal fans. They are very curious and love to know more about the star. Moreover, his love story seems to be in the heart of all eyes.

As a reminder, Zendaya and Tom Holland met on the set of Spider-Man. And since, the two lovebirds spin the perfect love. Moreover, they do not hide it. In short, Internet users seem to crack in front of the pretty couple.

And to their delight, fans of the couple can count on the declarations of the young woman. Indeed, the actress is very talkative and does not hesitate to make revelations. Very cool !

Besides, Zendaya makes an amazing confession about Euphoria. Indeed, she would love to see Tom Holland star on the show. MCE TV tells you more!

Zendaya would like to see her darling Tom Holland star in

Tom Holland is going to star in Euphoria?

No one can miss the Euphoria phenomenon. And for good reason, the series is a huge success. Moreover, Zendaya has managed to seduce many viewers. It must be said that the young woman caused a sensation.

Viewers find themselves immersed in a scenario as touching as it is frightening. Zendaya then lends her features to the character of Rue, a young teenage girl. The latter must face up to her addictions. Not easy !

Moreover, on the occasion of the release of season 2, the actress decided to warn her fans. Indeed, she says then that it is indeed a series reserved for adults.

But in reality, this statement isn’t Zendaya’s only revelation. And for good reason, the young woman mentioned the possible arrival of Tom Holland in Euphoria. As a reminder, the latter was very keen.

Indeed, the actor then told IMDB: “Look, I’ve been campaigning for this for a while and it still hasn’t happened. And I am very disappointed. “

For his part, Zendaya would be for. She therefore told ETonline: “We often joke about putting it quietly in the background and waiting and seeing if someone manages to spot it. “

I have to say that Tom Holland really supports his sweetheart. The actress therefore added: “He supported me throughout the production of this season 2.”

Moreover, this shoot was very intense for Zendaya. The Euphoria star explained: “This season, Rue is going to really hit rock bottom. And it is from there that it will become very painful for us to follow. And playing her while she was going through it hurt me. “

One thing is certain, Zendaya and her darling Tom Holland have not finished surprising their fans. But the latter will he integrate Euphoria? To be continued.


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